26th November 2020


This week we want to address the feeling of hate. Many are having intense negative feelings, regardless of where they are in their ascension process. For those of you who see yourselves as lightworkers but are experiencing these intense feelings, it is time to look at yourself, not the issue or the focus of your negative feelings.

Hate means you have joined the ranks of division - the Us and Them way of thinking. The Light is all about unity and oneness. How can you seek to be one with All, when division and hate are in your heart?

You may say, but Mr. X is evil and so I hate him for who he is or what he is doing. This isn't the way of the Light. The Light accepts no one is perfect and loves them regardless of who they are and what they have done. Hating puts you in the same group as Mr. X.

Look at yourself in truth and be aware ascension is the journey from your own darkness into your own light.

Love all and respect all is the way of the Light.