26th March 2020

Namaste, blessings, and love to you in these very unusual times.

Waireti, Tara and I are still working. Waireti and I continue to do healings and readings. We don't have access to a mail service at the moment as NZ Post stores are considered not an essential service. We have moved all our products to pre-order status. When home isolation is lifted and NZ Post is back in business we will post your orders.

Despite the continued spread of the virus, deaths, the restrictions, concerns about income, and all the related issues, we are getting reports of a change in the pollution levels around the world as humanity changes the way it lives. Our Mother Earth, Papatuanuku, must be breathing in relief at the respite. This is a great joy in these sad and difficult times.

We have introduced Certificates of Ascension for each initiation passed and for those who have Protection Grids. These are really for healers to display in their healing rooms as confirmation of their level of ascension. You probably all realise the higher the ascension level of a healer, the greater their healing abilities. You definitely want to go to a healer who has been ascension certified. These certificates are available to those healers who have had ascension readings with us and we have confirmed they passed various initiations. The certificates are also available to those healers who have a Protection Grid and want to display this reassurance to clients in their healing rooms. There is no charge for these certificates and they come in PDF format for you to print yourself. If you are interested, contact Tara through our website contact form.

Below is a reprint of one of my previous diary entries. Tara bought it to my attention and I think it is worth reading again.

Let's talk first about spiritual Missions. Many of you have a higher purpose, a mission that you are here to fulfil. You will know, suspect, or still be waiting for the awareness to arrive. It isn't enough to wait for the mission to arrive, there needs to be preparation on your part. For Waireti and myself, our preparation meant getting to a certain level of ascension for our energies to be clear enough for the Masters to begin to work with us. We had to work on both being grounded and yet able to take off into other realms at a moment's notice. Being grounded means opportunities aren't missed, signs are seen, connections are made, and people are met and recognised. I wish the protection grids had been around back then, life would have been so much easier. Instead, we both had numerous battles with the dark side trying to stop us, both in the physical and on other levels. It’s also important to not let your ego get in the way of your spiritual mission.

So how can the Masters help you? How can they make your preparations for your mission easier? Here are a few examples:

Protection grid - This will keep any psychic and dimensional attacks away. The dark side does not want anyone of the light to succeed, so it’s important to be protected.

Grounding oil - To keep you present and in your body.

El Morya - An excellent Master to keep you focused. So many people lose track of their mission.

Astral, mental and emotional body healings - The clearer your energies are, the clearer your guidance will be from all levels.

Violet Flame oil - To help clear the dross from the chakras so karma can be released and so your vibration rises.

The Masters will never tell you the end result. They will never come to you and say, ‘I want you to go to Africa and work with the sick’ or ‘I want you to open a sanctuary for animals’ or ‘I want you to start a magazine’. There is never an end result and there is never an ‘I want...’. The Masters do not direct your lives, and they do not tell you to do anything.

There are always many little steps along the way. Suddenly, you are at the end doing something, but you were never asked to do anything that was huge, ego creating, or mind blowing. The Masters never work in huge, only in baby steps.

They will never be the source of ego. What you do with them will never be a source of ego.

They work with you. You don't work for them, but rather you work as a team. If you are ever commanded, then you know it isn't an Ascended Master because they don't work that way.

When Mary Magdalene came to me and asked me to paint, it was after a year of me feeling the desire to learn how to paint. I went through a year of teaching and guidance from some of the Masters. Then, when I was ready, Mary Magdalene asked me if I would paint her portal with her. No commands, no telling, just a simple request for which I knew I had the option to say no. If you feel you have no option, then it isn't a Master asking. And even then, I was discerning. I asked Waireti to check the portal that was created. Was it a portal? Did it link to Mary Magdalene? Was it authentic? Did her energy flow from it? The answer was yes, but each time something appears, I become discerning. I question and I doubt.

There are many tricksters out there trying to push light workers off their path. Ego is an easy way to do this.

If something arrives for you to do and you feel unattached with no sense of pride or ego, and even have a sense of disinterest though you feel it is right for you to do, then you are likely to be working with the Masters.