26th July 2018

Heart hello,

This week we had Metatron and the goddess Vesta here at the portal. They appeared to give healing to those on the free ascension healing list. Vesta is an ancient goddess of the home, specifically bringing love into the home. This week they concentrated on mother /father healing. They gave healing around the parents people have, the parents people are, and the parents people could be, coupled with the balancing of the divine masculine and divine feminine. The image shown is Metatron's portal painting. His energy flows through this 24/7.

This week has been life eventful. Amidst life we continue to work at the portal, work on our own ascension and assist others in their ascension. The spiritual and life are one. 

Light bulb moments. We all have them. They come out of nowhere, and suddenly something becomes clear. I found myself recognising these moments in myself and then others this week. To add to it, this example below came to me as I continue to read the 2014 diary.

When away from the portal I admit to missing the peaceful energy of daily life here. Outside the portal, the frantic energies of the city can be a bit daunting. I admit to closing down in an attempt to cope - an old pattern of behaviour and one I now know has to be abandoned. As I stood in Starbucks, Mother Mary made herself known to me as she stood with the lady in front of me in the queue. Then Ganesh stood behind the counter with the man taking orders and St. Germain waved…Thomas Merton, Pallas Athena, and the list goes on. It was one of those light bulb moments - I was amongst my portal family and had been all along. They walk with all of you, so as I walk down the street, I am walking with them too. When I pass you in the street, I pass them too.

This is  another example of the spiritual life and the everyday life blending into one. They can't be separated.