26 June 2019

Welcome back to my weekly diary.

I’ve had the most wonderful feedback about our Grounding oil.

Someone with limb amputation was having a terrible time with phantom limb pain. Her guides suggested our Grounding oil. She tells me she uses it several times a day and she is now pain-free.

Her energy was trying to connect to the Earth but couldn't. Now she is grounded thanks to the Masters Grounding oil, and her system doesn't need to work to make it happen. I am so thrilled she shared this information with me, for I had no idea the Grounding oil could work in this way.

This week’s Social Media post on our Facebook page and Instagram is about being your own Warrior.

Walking the path of ascension can be like walking on a sword edge. We need to stay balanced and discerning. It is easy to be side-tracked by drama, old thinking, old beliefs, and superstition.

As you ascend, the warrior in you will want to step forward.

For some this is easy, and others just don't feel comfortable in this role.

Being your own warrior is about you. It's about saying no when you need to, it's about having the courage to say yes when you need to. It isn't about fighting a battle, other than the battles that happen in you. The warrior in you will make you more balanced, stronger, and healthier.

Some of you will remember last year four of us when to the United Kingdom to awaken the Beings connected to the Stone Circles. Waireti and I had the chance for a fleeting visit to Avebury stone circle. We had been advised by the Guardian of Avebury that the energy of Avebury could be felt 25 miles away. We had to see if this was true, and it was. We approached from the avenue side. On a previous visit, the avenue was asleep, and there was no energy connecting it to the circles. This time, the avenue was awake and alive. Some of the Beings with the stones now have full auras of colour, not just a life aura. The avenue is again connected with the circle.

Last year we didn't get a chance to visit Avebury in person as the portal gate there was broken, but the four of us visited by multi-locating and did some work with the gate. The Guardian continued this work.

On this visit, we found the Beings at Avebury had created three new gates to replace the damaged gate. The damaged gate will never be one hundred percent viable as the stones have been removed, but it was much improved.

We came away wondering how all the other Stone Circles we worked with are doing. We can see, like Avebury, they are moving forward in their awakening.

The United Kingdom’s energy was much changed on this visit. It was lighter and brighter. The energy is in a state of renewal.

What next? These are exciting times.