25th July 2019


This week has been momentous; seven women have started their 7th initiation. When they pass the initiation in the next week or so, that means thirty-eight people will have passed the 7th initiation with the Ascended Masters via their portal here in New Zealand. That means thirty-eight Higher Selves will be Masters in body. What great work they are doing and will continue to do with humanity.

Last week I wrote about the First Ray, and this week we will look at the Second Ray. Since passing the 6th initiation six years ago and the 7th initiation four years ago, all of my rays are now the Second Ray. The Second Ray is personal to me.

Those on the Second Ray are on the yellow ray. The shades of yellow cover the entire spectrum of yellow. Each Master and Higher Self on the Ray has a unique variation in colour. For example, Jesus has a sunny yellow and my Higher Self has a pale yellow. As the Masters say, you will know us by our colours.

If you are on the Second Ray, then you will have one of the Second Ray Ascended Masters with you - Jesus, Lao Tze, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Hera, Amaterasu, or Krishna.The Second Ray is the ray of Wisdom, Lightness of Being, and Joy. The Second Ray is the happiness ray. Our idea of Wisdom though is serious, and Joy is the opposite of serious. The Ascended Master Lao Tze is the best example of both these in action. He is known for wisdom, but to see him, he is always laughing and smiling. The Dalai Lama is another example of a second ray soul in action. Wisdom with Joy, with Lightness of Being, personifies the true Second Ray.

The Second Ray has many lessons.Lessons of being in balance with head and heart, lessons of thinking from the heart not from the head, lessons of realising true wisdom comes from the heart not from the mind, lessons of feeling versus thinking. Wise thoughts might erupt, but the lesson is expression. The lesson is sharing the wisdom, perhaps verbally or written. This can then bring up issues of ego.

When the head and heart aren't in balance, the mind can take over and the heart is shut down. This takes the person away from the basis of the Second Ray - Lightness of Being. This can also lead to mental illness for some on the Second Ray. As Kuthumi said, he had to go out of his mind (literally) to come into his heart.

Second Ray people feel. They feel joy, they feel light, they feel heavy, they feel burdened, they feel wise. The lesson is to turn feelings into an outward expression and so share their experience. Feeling joy might be expressed as simply as a smile, a giggle, a laugh, or more overtly as humour. Their feelings might take a negative turn. When emotionally hurt, they feel in a deep way. They are susceptible to depression, and they can feel the highs and lows when not in balance. Some of the greatest comedians suffer from depression.

All of this is tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

Second Ray people often need the Masters' Deva of Joy oil and their Lighten spray to bring them back into balance with the Lightness of the ray.

If you want to know your five rays of incarnation and the five Masters with you, then I suggest our five ray reading.