24th September 2020

Today I want to honour two of those who have been Ascending with us and who sadly this week left this earth plane. One was months away from reaching the 7th initiation and the other was months from reaching the 5th initiation. Their beautiful Light will be sadly missed in the world. May we honour all those of the Light, known and unknown, living or not, for their Light and service strives to make this a better world for all. The Ascended Masters are gathered in the portal as I write, singing their Light to your Light. "I see you, I know you, I honour you, I love you."

The Ancestral healing has returned in a slightly different version. I will be giving these healings with four Ascended Masters. The Masters each stand with one of your four grandparents, they identify what ancestral memory you carry from each grandparent that doesn't serve your highest good, and they clear it from your energy field.