24th September 2019


I began writing this diary nine years ago in 2010.

The archives for the diary are full of information about the Masters and Ascension. Tara has taken to pulling something from the diary archives or from the website for my social media. This week she has focused on Ascension Techniques from my page on this topic. Have a look, these are all free and from the Masters. The page is definitely worth a read.

If you didn't get my latest newsletter, then you wouldn’t have seen St. John the Baptist’s latest share of a meditation technique for those who find meditation difficult.

I will be adding this to the Ascension technique page, but here it is here for you as well.

“Let's start with taking mediation into the body and away from the mind. The mind and thoughts are the biggest barrier to meditation for many. To start, sit at a table, feet on the floor, and folded arms on the table. Lean into the table and your arms so you can feel your ribs. Close your eyes. Take your attention to your lungs, feel them moving in and out as you breathe. In and out, in and out. Feel the lungs. Now sit up straight and continue to feel your lungs, in and out, in and out. Now, bring your attention up from the lungs to the heart chakra. You can still feel the lungs going in and out, but they feel distant. Just stay in that space. That is meditating in the heart. When you have had enough, take a deep breath in and out several times and open your eyes when you are ready.” - St. John the Baptist

I also find St. John the Baptist’s oil ‘Meditation’ works brilliantly. It takes the user into a deep meditative state with ease.

Tara has written an article herself for the Ascending Initiates website about Finding your Sacred Purpose. It is well worth a read.