24th October 2019

Hi Everyone, 

A few topics came up this week from various sources that repeat a theme I want to talk about. First though, Tara, who does my social media, has changed our Instagram name to Ascension_Ascended_Masters if you are looking for us. If you were following us before, you still are, only the name has changed.

We have some new oversize healing shawls online. I hope those of you who have these oversize healing shawls are enjoying them as much as I am. I love their softness and the larger size means they can be used in multiple ways.

Twin Flames came up this week. You can read more in my article on Twin Flames. Being in a twin flame relationship myself, this topic is always being shown to me in various ways, but when I become the observer of others, it becomes less personal and more of a 'been there, done that’ moment.

For those of you who aren't too sure what a twin flame relationship is, let me explain it simply because it is quite complex. Every single person has a twin flame. At the creation of a single consciousness, the consciousness splits into two halves, one the divine feminine (Omega) and one the divine masculine (Alpha). The Higher Self of each person is a higher aspect of this relationship, and the Christ Lights are a Higher aspect again. Down here at the mere mortal level, the twin flame relationship is not the relationship of a soul mate. A soul mate is someone you’ve had many lives with and are in harmony and balance with. Twin Flames are always seeking this harmony and balance, for their twin reflects back to them their disharmony. Anything they need to work on within themselves is reflected back, and because we are humans and by definition imperfect, the relationship then reflects our personal imperfection. Most twin flame relationships don't survive this constant reflection, as it means constantly looking at self. It is like being constantly on Green Flame oil.

Green Flame oil is the third oil in the Flame series, it comes after Violet Flame (Clearing) and Blue Flame (Personal Power). Green Flame brings the person to a place of personal truth, as revealed by the personal All-Seeing Eye. It is a tough oil. How can we love ourselves if we don't acknowledge ourselves in Truth? Many can't cope with this oil and never make it to the fourth Pink Flame oil - Unconditional Love of Self. Now that's a very nice oil.

One of the truths that arise for many from the 4th initiation, and even in the higher initiations, is ego. The ego never goes away, it just gets less attention as we ascend. But the 4th to 5th initiation is the time when ego raises its head to be looked at and acknowledged in Truth. When you can look at yourself in truth and acknowledge your ego, then you know you are becoming Master of it.

Many changes start to happen after the Fourth Initiation, and many of these are realisations are around Truth. Many people move from the psychic experience-based reality to a spiritual reality, and others move from the New Age set of truths to the Ascension truths. When this happens, the person ceases to manifest from the solar plexus chakra (self) and starts to manifest from the heart chakra (love). When the experiences become unimportant and the goal of ascension becomes your focus, you are ascending. When you cease to worry about maybes and stay present in the moment, you are ascending.We can only live in the now, in this moment. All that has passed in time has ceased to exist. All that is yet to come has not been created. So, in every moment, BE.