24th January 2019

Namaste. Here we are in the new phase of ascension with the Ascended Masters. They are providing direction on how the Higher Initiates can help humanity. This year starts with us helping the Masters address the entity issue that plagues the planet. We now have 19 people who have passed the 7th initiation. This is a lot of high energy committed to helping humanity.

I received an email the other day from a lady describing her experiences with the Blue Flame oil. With her permission I am sharing what she wrote and have placed this piece on the testimonial page.

Blue Flame Oil is magic because it is giving me inner power, strength and voice to stand for myself. I have a clear image of my inner power NOW that I didn't have, couldn't feel and see before. And my voice was so silent. Not anymore. People who had huge influence and power over me can't believe what is happening with me. 

Powerlessness is a common theme among women and men alike. Finding our power and finding our voice seem to go together. 

These Flame oils were made by the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, and Devas in the Ascended Masters' portal.

The Masters Flame oils are meant to be used in sequential order. First Violet Flame oil clears the dross from the chakras and lays the foundation for change. When that bottle is complete move onto the Blue flame oil. This is used to foster personal power, inner strength and faith in self. Blue Flame lays the foundation for the Inner Truth of the Green Flame. This is a difficult flame to use as it sends us on an inner journey to look at self in truth. This though lays the foundation for loving self that is fostered by the Pink Flame. We can't love self until we acknowledge ourselves in truth. After the Pink Flame comes the White Flame of Purity. The burning and purification of self to bring forth the beautiful pure essence within. This lays the foundation for the devotion and compassion that comes with the Ruby Flame. Compassion for humanity and devotion to the Higher Self. After which the Yellow Flame oil brings humility and wisdom. 

With use of the Flame oils the ascending Being emerges into a greater self.