24th April 2019

I started to write this weekly diary in 2010. You will find 9 years of diary in the Archive, click here.

Tara has been posting some past diary snippets on my social media. There really is a plethora of information in these past entries, and our search facility on the website helps to answer some of your questions. Recently, we have had a lot of newbies to the ascension path asking questions, so with respect, I am going to answer some questions here that reflect their expanding awareness of change. Part of ascension is allowing for the letting go of old belief systems, or at least the opening to alternate possibilities.

Ascension begins with our first life, the awareness of ascension doesn't come until we have had many thousands of lives. 

I have had many teachers, and none teach what you teach. Why is this?

I have two crown chakras; one is utilized by the Ascended Masters. This allows them to download pure information without it being filtered through my own thoughts and belief systems. I don't read new age literature online, in newsletters, or in books. That way I am ensuring there is no external influence. I am open only to what the Masters have to give me. Often what they share is different to mainstream awareness. They don't talk on DNA activations, planes of existence, ET influence, conspiracies, etc., and other topics I am asked to comment on.

All teachers teach from their own knowledge base and perspective. It is okay to have many teachers, as you will take from each what you feel is right for you. Respect all your teachers and give thanks to them for their service. There are many pathways to ascension – love and respect all.

I believe in simple, plain, and clear, and try to demystify ascension.

I am Jewish and you tell me Jesus is my Life ray Master, how is this possible?

This is a common query. Some believe they are Christian and so can only have Christian Masters and are confused when Kuan Yin and Ganesh walk with them.

The Masters are not a religion. They are not the people that walked the earth once upon a time. Jesus is the name attributed to the Higher Self of Jesus. Not because that is the Higher Self's name, but because it gives humanity a point of reference. Jesus is just one of many lives that assisted his Higher Self in its ascension. So, when we call a Master by a past life name, it is to give a point of reference, but a Master isn't one of their past lives, they are so much more.

Masters are assigned to you by the time you are about one year old. These Masters walk with you for your life and ascension lessons. They don't see you as a religion, but rather as a person who has had many lives, a person who has karma, a person who has many negative patterns of behaviour and thought, and a person that needs their specialized help.

Be thankful to the Masters, for they chose you.

What's the difference between Violet Flame oil and St Germain oil? Aren't they the same thing?

Can you hear St. Germain? "I am not the Violet Flame, I am St. Germain."

St. Germain is a Master of the 7th ray. The Violet Flame is a Flame of the 7th ray. The Violet Flame transmutes energy. St. Germain can transmute energy with the Violet Flame and without it. The flame is something he utilizes, just as many others do as well.

We suggest you use the Violet Flame oil to transmute the dross (rubbish) in your chakras. This allows karma to come up for release in a clearer and easier way.

We suggest you use St. Germain oil for change within self. We all have negative aspects of self we want to change and let go of. St. Germain will help you create change within yourself.

Waireti and I are having a break for all of May. The store will be open, but orders must be in by the end of April to be mailed before the break. Any product orders that come in May will be mailed the second week of June. We will take healings orders in May, but these will be booked for June. We will be putting the products on pre-order, so you can include them in your healing order.

This is my last diary entry until mid-June.

Blessings to you all.