23rd August 2018

This week when I went into the portal to start the free ascension healing this week, Serapis Bey was there. Then Jesus popped out from behind him and St. Germain popped out the other way. They do like to have fun. Please don't think of them as serious; they find joy in the small things and it certainly puts a smile on my face.

As part of ascension, people are striving make this their last life on Earth, and so leave the cycle of rebirth. They are striving to pay all of their karma and ascend. Yet, amidst this process, life can get focused and heavy. 

Please look at ascension in another light. If this is to be your last life on Earth, make it so when you look back you have experienced life to the full, with love and Joy. It is very easy to walk with our head down when we could be looking up and out. Make you last life the very best you can. 

As I was working today with Mary Magdalene, she reminded me that those she stands with would benefit from Archangel Michael's oil. His oil is called Warrior - meaning the internal warrior. He will help you work through issues that will bring you into your personal power. Being in our power greatly assists in the ascension process.

Those who have Serapis Bey with them on any of their rays will benefit from Lady Nada's oil - Inner Child. Those with Serapis Bey usually have something to heal and address with their Inner Child. Serapis Bey is on the ray of harmony through conflict. The growing child will have had many knocks, hurts, and hardships, which affected their Inner Child. There will have been conflict as a child and not much harmony. Lady Nada and her oil will help heal the Inner Child. 

After which, Kuan Yin's oil - "Inner Peace" will help bring the adult you into a place of greater personal harmony and serenity. 

Have you seen our new page on Ascension Techniques? We have searched all throughout the diary and website to bring you all of the Masters' free techniques all into one place. It makes for interesting reading.

Waireti and I will be away from the portal for all of September. I will have my laptop and will still be working while we are away. Healing sessions can still be booked for after September. Product orders will be mailed less frequently and some items won't be shipped till we return. You will be reminded of this at the store checkout just in case you forget.