22nd November 2018

The Masters who stepped forward for last week's free healing were Jesus, Serapis Bey and St. John the Baptist. Jesus and St John gave healing together to one group. The healing was for things that are happening in their life now. Serapis Bey gave helping for ascension to another group. Each person received about 20 minutes each from the Masters. 

Healing continues to come up as a source of ongoing conversation. 

When you go to a healer of lower vibration than you, you become the healer. What they bring up in healing then is often related to themselves. Healers can only heal to the level of their own ascension, so if they get a client of higher vibration than them, the roles are reversed. This becomes a major anchor for many who are ascending as they get caught into the healer cycle, thinking they have all these new issues to clear. The story then becomes important to them, and it isn't even their story! 

We are discussing the idea of introducing certificates of ascension to those who pass the various initiations with the Ascended Masters here at the portal. We want those ascending with us to have verification of their initiation status.

I am pretty sheltered here at the portal as most of the people I communicate with and associate with are consciously ascending and are compassionate people. It came as a reality shock to me this week when I spent several days with a group of people unrelated to ascension. No one had compassion. Their speech, views, and actions were devoid of compassion. Waireti reminded me that compassion needs to be taught by the age of three for someone to be compassionate in life. Compassion is a necessary trait for those ascending.  Compassion is when we care for others in a selfless way. We look outside of self and care about others well-being. Mother Mary has stepped forward to help manifest compassion in humanity. Here is a link to her oil - she calls it Love.

I get ascension headaches every day. Partly from working within the portal and its energies, but mostly from ascension. Waireti asked the Masters to make me something for my ascension headaches. I rubbed it onto my headache and it went away instantly and didn't return for 3 days. I continue to have wonderful relief. Waireti wants to know how many of you get ascension headaches. She doesn't, and wonders if I'm in a small minority or a majority. If you get ascension headaches, please let Tara know and she will pass the information onto Waireti. 

We have added more colours to the Ray shawls. Have a look here.