22nd July, 2020


This week we continue our series on the rays with insight into the Second Ray.The Second Ray is the yellow ray of Wisdom, Joy, and Lightness of Being. This is the happiness ray.

Qualities of the Second Ray

Positive – humour, patience, joy, kindness, easy-going, innate wisdom, perception, fun, care-free

Negative – ego, lazy, careless, mind focused, depression


The Second Ray is yellow and includes all variations of yellow - from green tinged yellows through to orange yellows and all variables in between. Each Master has a unique version of yellow in their aura. Lao Tze has a bright joyous yellow, and Ares has a pale yellow.


Kuthumi, Jesus, Lord Lanto, Lao Tze, Hera

New Masters working with humanity - Maru-ata

Angels - Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine

Cosmic Masters - Amaterasu, Krishna, Ares, Helios, Manjushri

Elohim - Apollo and Lumina

How they can help

The Masters can help in many ways, but I suggest you call on these Second Ray Masters for the following:

Jesus – healing, lightness of being

Kuthumi – animal healing

Lao Tze – Joy, upliftment, lightness of being

Ares – warrior

Lord Lanto - understanding


The Second Ray has many lessons. Lessons of being in balance with head and heart, lessons of thinking from the heart not from the head, lessons of realising true wisdom comes from the heart not from the mind, lessons of feeling versus thinking. Wise thoughts might erupt, but the lesson is expression. The lesson is sharing wisdom, perhaps verbally or written. This can then bring up issues of ego.

When the head and heart aren't in balance, the mind can take over and the heart is shut down. This takes the person away from the basis of the Second Ray - Lightness of Being. This can also lead to mental illness for some on the Second Ray. As Kuthumi said, he had to go out of his mind (literally) to come into his heart.

Second Ray people feel. They feel joy, they feel light, they feel heavy, they feel burdened, they feel wise. The lesson is to turn feelings into an outward expression and so share their experience. Feeling joy might be expressed as simply as a smile, a giggle, a laugh, or more overtly as humour. Their feelings might take a negative turn. When emotionally hurt, they feel deeply. They are susceptible to depression, and they can feel the highs and lows when not in balance. Some of the greatest comedians suffer from depression.

All of this is tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

How can the Second Ray Masters help you help yourself through their products?

Some of them have made portal paintings which are available via their portal cards and prints. Put these portal cards on a chakra, and the Master’s energy flows directly into your chakra. These are direct links to the Master. The Masters with portal cards are Jesus, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, and Lao Tze.

Deva of Joy oil - to help manifest joy within you.

Lighten Spray- to promote Lightness of Being.

Yellow Flame oil - this is the oil of the ray. The yellow Flame contains the Second Ray energies of Wisdom and Humility. This is the last oil in the seven flame series.

Second Ray shawls - these shawls bring in the perfect energy of the ray to help you move through your limitations on the ray.

If you want to know your 5 rays and Masters, then look at our 5 Ray reading.