22nd August 2019


There can be a lot of confusion around experiences and ascension. Some believe they need to have experiences to show they are ascending, and if they don't have experiences, then they feel they are standing still.

I want to make it clear; ascension is not about the experience. Experiences are events and they can occur, or not, for many reasons. They can mark a milestone, like the kundalini rising between the 2nd and 3rd initiations, or growth in understanding, like the awareness of the unity of all living things, but they are not the cause of ascension.

Ascension only occurs when the karma in the chakras decreases. When the karma decreases, the light increases. Give thanks for your positive experiences, but don't let your ego make them out to be more than what they are.

Give clarity to your process. Release the dross of old thinking, and step into the system of manifesting all your thoughts, words, and actions from a place of love and you will ascend.

This week we move on with our Ray series to the Sixth Ray. This is the ray of the goddess and the ray of devotion. If you are on this ray, you will have one of these Masters standing with you - Lady Nada, Isis, Pallas Athena, Eros, Hathor, or Portia. Your ray colour will be either gold, ruby or purple.

Those on the ruby aspect embrace the divine feminine. They usually feel comfortable in their own skin. They will have a sensual awareness of themselves and the world around them. They will understand themselves in an intimate way. The ruby ray truly is the feminine ray.

The purple aspect of this ray is the external form of the ray. Those who are on the purple ray are the warriors of the ray. They fight for truth and for the rights of women, they aren't afraid to fight for what they believe in. They are the female protectors. Their soul lessons come to them from the external world.

Those on the gold aspect of the ray are rarer. These are the high priestess of the divine feminine. They understand the divinity of the goddess. They understand devotion is the truth of the ray, devotion not to an external goddess, but rather devotion to the inner goddess.

The goddess ray embraces physical beauty and spiritual beauty. The Sixth Ray is the ray of sex for pleasure rather than procreation. The goddess embraces all forms of pleasure.

But like every Ray, there are lessons to be learned. Sixth Ray people can be self-centred and selfish. While caring for their own well-being, they can forget to care for others. Hedonists are on the Sixth Ray.

Sixth Ray people are drawn to each other. This is often a past life memory of their past lives as devotees to ancient goddesses. The memory of female sisterhood draws them to the recognition of the goddess energy in others.

The Sixth Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

If you want to know your 5 Rays of ascension, I suggest our 5 ray reading to learn your 5 Rays and the 5 Ascended Masters who stand with you on those rays.