22 January 2020


Last week I told you all about the newly published book Modern Ascension comprising a collection of personal ascension stories from thirteen high initiates. This week, I have to tell you a paragraph in my story was unintentionally omitted. This is being rectified in the eBooks and printed format, hopefully in the next month or so. I will do a big promotion in my newsletter and this diary when I get the green light.

For those of you who have already bought a copy, and a sneak peek for everyone else, here is the missed paragraph untouched by editing...

Up until I was married, the Ascended Masters weren’t clearly evident in my life. They hovered around the edge of my energy as lovely, comfortable support. When they finally did step forward, it seemed very normal and familiar for the Ascended Masters to be around me. El Morya led the way as a familiar energy in my life, then Gautama Buddha appeared and taught me how to meditate when I needed retraining, and then Sanat Kumara stepped forward and gave me lessons in controlling my mind, energy, and self. I was also given warrior lessons in fighting the dark side by El Morya. These lessons pitted me against a single entity and then legions of entities and other dark forms. I was learning trust - trust in myself and the Light. Fear never existed in these lessons or battles. Many First Rays will understand the joy of the battle call. I was having fun.

We have a new series of Roll-on products available online. These are to assist with pain, headache and sleep. These are not a cure; they are for relief and support.

The Masters have created these products in the Ascended Masters portal as a way to help those ascending. Pain, headaches and sleep deprivation are all part of the ongoing ascension process. I can attest to all three.