21st May 2020


As we ascend, we learn to self-monitor. And as we grow and change, we can look back on our past with remorse and regret. Some have the innate ability to let it go, and others berate themselves, judge themselves, and generally give themselves a hard time for what they did in the past.

If this is you, compare the person you are now with who you were then. So much change has happened. You didn't know then what you do now. You were in a completely different place in terms of growth, self, and ascension. We can't judge our past selves based on our present selves. Think of your past self as an ascension child and give yourself forgiveness, just as you would a child who didn't know better. Compassion.

We change for the better as we ascend, and that is a blessing.

Crystal portals have been coming to the fore again. When you choose to have a crystal portal (regardless of which Master crystal portal you choose), it isn't just a tool. It is a sacred trust. These portals are made by the Masters first to assist you in your ascension and in your life, but also to help humanity and those in your environment. The energy from a portal can fill an entire house, so all who enter the energy field are walking in the Master’s energy.

The crystal portals can be used to heal yourself and others. Holding the portal in a healing session in the receiving hand is enough. The Masters work through the portal to help you in your ascension, teaching, and life. You commit to them when you have a crystal portal, and they commit to you too.

The crystal portals are sacred. They need to be respected as this is a doorway the Masters have created. Holding a portal is like holding the Master’s hand; they are present. To help the Master work, you can take the crystal portal to work, the mall, hospitals, or any area where the Master can work in a close way.

The crystal needs to be cleansed periodically with Violet Flame spray. I suggest Violet Flame spray for cleansing all crystals, not just crystal portals. The spray cleanses crystals in seconds. Note that we have rearranged the store a bit and the Violet Flame spray is now with the Ascension Flame oils.

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