21st February 2019


I’ve had several enquiries this week about the role of the kundalini in ascension.

There is a mystique and fear around the kundalini. All you have heard, good and bad, is likely true, so let me bring some clarity to the conversation in light of these days of modern ascension.

Much of what is taught about the raising of the kundalini has its basis in ancient texts and ancient teachings. In those ancient days (and we are going back thousands of years), the vibration of the planet and the vibration of the people were low. The ancient sages taught that humanity goes through cycles, both upward and downward. One cycle is divided into four yugas down and four yugas up. They said these yugas lasted hundreds of thousands of years and so had little relevance on humanity. The teacher of the Ascended Master Paramahansa Yogananda was Sri Yukteswar. His soul purpose was to rectify the math involved with these Yugas. He determined the yugas we smaller than first thought. He claimed we have just come out of the dark ages of Kali Yuga in 1699AD and are now in the upward swing of the yugas in Dwapara yuga.

When we look at the recent dark ages and the advent of the raising of humanity’s vibration, we can see this is likely so. In this context, we can then see that the original Kundalini practices occurred in a time when the vibration of the earth and humanity was low, the Kali Yuga. Now we don’t need these harsh kundalini practices. In fact, they have become harmful to our well-being.

The kundalini can rise twice of its own volition. The first rising is pre-third initiation. This is a minor rising and is usually accompanied by an awakening and a realisation of greater things beyond the now. The person has an experience. The second rising occurs at the 5th initiation when the kundalini rises from its home in the base chakra to its new home in the 8th chakra. This automatic rising occurs when the person is karma free and the chakras are perfected.

For many, their first kundalini experience is so beautiful, they seek to replicate it, but any kundalini practice used to raise the kundalini outside of these natural occurrences can be detrimental to the physical and mental health of the person. If the kundalini is forced to rise, we know the chakras, major and minor, will be impure. The impure channels can then force the kundalini to divert to clearer, lesser channels. This usually burns out the minor chakras and nadis, which aren’t meant to take this type of power. The damage creates ongoing pain and suffering. It is very common for this false awakening to create mental illness. After this, any form of spiritual activity and even physical activity can be difficult for some. It all depends on the degree of karma residing in the chakras.

In these modern times, just as in old darker times, ascension doesn’t occur through meditation experiences, raising the kundalini, or gifts. Ascension, as always, only occurs as a person pays their karma and so raises their vibration. Each initiation is passed only when you have paid sufficient karma, the 5th initiation occurring when you are karma free. So, look not to ancient techniques, but rather to the universal practice of heart based thoughts, heart based actions, and heart based speech. By doing this, you will make less karma, pay more karma, and eventually, you will leave the cycle of rebirth, where the kundalini will rise of its own volition in a way that you aren’t likely to even notice it, as it will have no karmic resistance in the chakras.