20th June 2018

I hope you are enjoying the new website. 

This week's free ascension healing was given by Thomas Merton a first ray Master and St John the Baptist another 1st ray Master. The healing this week was about bringing turmoil into balance. Taking the chaos and through our own actions bringing it into balance. 

When things go wrong in life it is very easy to become the victim and play the poor me card. But the first ray is a ray of personal power. Thomas Merton and St John are saying, look at what is happening, take responsibility for your part in it, own it and bring your part into balance. You can't make it right for someone else, but you can take responsibility for your part. 

Waireti found Thomas Merton sitting in the vegetable garden (as one does). She said hi and asked him how he was doing. His response was a blink of both eyes. i'm guessing he was fine. I often wonder if he sees the vegetable garden as it is, or if he is actually in another place and Waireti just encountered him there. The mysteries of sight. 

One topic that has come up a lot this week in the support group we have for those at the 4th initiation and higher, is the torus Technique. This is a technique given to me by Sanat Kumara many years ago. It is free and can be found on our free ascension techniques page and in the articles section. This technique is an integral part of higher ascension. It connects the higher mind, sacred heart and soul and when done 10 to 20 times a day ( it takes seconds) this higher state of being begins to last longer and longer till, you perpetually manifest from this higher state. This is also a way of connecting with the masters and groups for higher communication and work. The 9 of us now at the 6th and 7th initiation use this technique to work with the Masters in service to humanity. We have recordings talking you through the technique for self and for groups. This is a great gift Sanat Kumara has given us. Click here to read more about the Torus Technique.

There won't be a diary entry next week, I'm visiting my children and grandchild. Time for some quality toddler cuddles.