20th February 2020

Welcome back to my weekly diary entry. Welcome with love.

Big announcement - I have passed the 8th initiation. It sounds huge, but it slipped by without too much fanfare. Unlike all the other initiations, I can't give a definitive step by step account of what happened and why, only that a threshold was passed. The visible signs of change are the 7th, 8th, and 9th chakras are crystal clear having passed four years of ongoing testing via the Rays, and the 11th chakra is now a swirling rainbow. Life goes on. I definitely feel more the observer, the observer of myself. I am more aware of what is happening in my own energy field, and this is helped by my Higher Self.

From the very beginning of the journey when we start to consciously ascend, self-observation is an ongoing part of ascension. In the beginning, self-observation leads to ongoing clearing of our issues and baggage. Releasing begins. We feel we have purpose and self-healing is to the forefront.

Then time passes and we move onto the next turn of the cycle of ascension. We start to look at our beliefs. These are bought into question, and we have to decide whether they fit into our changing paradigm. Letting go gets added to our repertoire of tools.

As ascension continues, we start to self monitor our interactions with others to look at our self in truth. Seeing our self in truth isn't easy. As we begin to do this, our past rises up in a more confrontational way, and we come to the stage of forgiveness of ourselves and others.

Then we move onto our patterns. Patterns of how we think, act or react, talk and feel. These patterns are both learned and inherited from our ancestral memory and our past life memory. And so, letting go returns in a deeper way.

And so, the cycle of clearing continues. We are continually self-observing and letting go of beliefs and parts of ourselves that no longer fit into our ascending reality. We strive to be a higher and more loving version of ourselves. This makes it hard for those around us. They want us to stay the same, they don't want us to change.

Here am I at the 8th initiation, and I find I am back at the turn of the cycle, observing from a different perspective. What more is there to be cleared? What beliefs need to go that no longer serve my greater knowing and awareness? I find the person I have become is so different from the person who first started to consciously ascend. So, as you consciously ascend, know that I see you and know change is okay. Change is a continual part of the ascension process. Sometimes the first thing we need to let go of is the fear of change, not just in the beginning, but at every turn of the ascension cycle.

We can call each turn of the ascension cycle Initiations, and in doing so, we can find stability in this ascension reality of change.