20th December 2018

White Tara stepped forward for this week's free ascension healing. She wrapped ribbon like energy from the 7 rays around each person, giving them support from the 7 rays. Her love and compassion were the encompassing energy. It was a colorful session.

The ascensions continue. We end 2018 with 141 people who passed the 4th initiation with us, 99 passed the 5th initiation, 97 passed the 6th initiation and 18 passed the 7th initiation.

Be careful over the next few weeks as there has been an energy shift across the world and a lot is happening to unbalance those of the light. Send love, peace and harmony to the world or even just your local community, every little bit helps. Shine your light. 

This is my last diary entry of the year and I will be taking a three week break over the holiday period. I will return on Monday 14th January. During my break orders will still be posted, and I will respond to healing orders. The free ascension healing will be on hold till the 16th of January. General emails won't get a response till January 14th. Tara will be available though. 

Waireti and I send our love and blessings to you all.

We hope to connect with you again in 2019 as it promises to be an interesting year.