1st November 2019

Namaste. My Higher Self bows to you and to your Higher Self.

When I ask my Higher Self his true name, he shows me only colour, the yellow and copper of his aura. Instead of communicating in sound, he communicates in colour. As the Masters say, "You will know us by our colours". Having passed the Seventh initiation, my Higher Self can be classed as a Master - not me, but my Higher Self. We know the Ascended Masters by name (Jesus, St. Germain, Hilarion and Lao Tze), but these were the lower selves’ last life, this wasn't the Higher Self. They choose to identify themselves by the name of their lower self’s last life, but these Masters, or these Higher Selves, have names we don't know.

But we do know their colours. I am slowly drawing the aura colours of the Masters and putting them up on the website, so if they appear to you in mediation as colour, then you can see who it was. Click here to see the Masters Aura colours.

We want to also talk about ascension in terms of the lower self. The lower self is you, the imperfect one with karma, issues, past lives, families and friends, and all the relationship issues that go with that. Ascension occurs within you in the chakras as you pay your karma, or descension occurs within you when you make karma. Ascension doesn't occur external to you. So, all the factors you may feel affect your life, such as the stars, lions gate, cosmic waves, etc. actually have no bearing on ascension. This is because we ascend in a personal and internal way.

Remember, just because you feel an energy, it doesn't mean positive change is occurring within you, it just means you are feeling the energy. It may mean these external factors are having an internal manifestation, like a headache, or feeling ungrounded, forgetful, out of sorts, etc., but this isn't ascension.

Don't be caught up in the misconceptions and misinformation of others.

Ascension is only about paying your karma and not making any more. This karma balance is stored within the chakras. To ascend, the chakras need to be 100% light and zero karma.

This means having a change of focus away from the external and what is happening outside of self to the internal. You know the drill - words, thoughts and actions based in love will help you pay karma at a quicker rate and help you make less karma daily.This means Love to yourself. We are hardest on ourselves. This means thinking, speaking, and acting towards ourselves with love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and respect. When you do, say or think something you aren't proud of, don't berate yourself. Just give yourself a hug and remind yourself you aren't perfect and are never likely to be. Remind yourself you are trying to be a source of love and next time you won't repeat those thoughts, words or actions. We make change by internally monitoring ourselves, and when we strive to be a source of love towards everyone and everything, then ascension becomes easy. Then you will realise all these external factors are very secondary to your life, and that ascension really is an internal journey.

We also have made a new page on the website just for the Ascension temple and how to get there yourself. You can read about the Ascension temple here.