1st August 2018

Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s Diary posted.

This week, the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian has been close. He is talking about creating. He is a Master of the 3rd Ray. He is a Master of ascension in beauty. He is talking about creating in beauty. Artists create. They can create things that look beautiful. Creating in beauty is very different because this requires love. People who cook with love are creating in beauty, just as women who sew for their children are creating with love. Beauty is subjective, but love is not. Anything created with love, must be beautiful, by Paul the Venetians definition. That is the path of those with Paul the Venetian. May we all have Paul the Venetian standing by us as we create, so we are reminded to always manifest from a place of love.

This week we had Pallas Athena preside over the free Ascension Healing. She is a complex Master. She sat on her white horse with her sword and she gave sweeping movements with her sword over each person receiving healing. She was cutting through to the heart of the matter, clearing away the unnecessary to reveal truth. Each person had various levels and types of truth, but everyone needed the truth revealed on some level.

We have new shawls up this week. They are very fine and soft. Have a look here.

Waireti has been sharing some of her observations in the portal. The Masters have choir practice on a regular basis here. It is either led by Dom Ignacio, White Tara or Archangel Michael. There are some Masters who attend on a regular basis who are singers and some Masters never appear. St Germain shows up and joins in, but he is not a singer, he gets looks of sympathy Waireti tells me. Such a St. Germain thing to do. Kuan Yin and Mother Mary sing together. All the first ray Masters attend and have very deep voices. Hilarion, Jesus and Lao Tze attend. Wouldn’t it be lovely to listen and watch them at play?