19th March 2020

Namaste and welcome back.

Let's start the diary this week with the Covid-19. A virus is a living thing, it isn't good or bad, it just exists. How it started and if it was intentionally created is up for debate. Regardless of this, humanity now is being confronted with change. Change is a topic I have talked about a lot lately, but this is change in a way we have never experienced in our lifetime. Please stay in your hearts as the tests come to each of you. Please send your prayers to those who may be experiencing increased domestic violence, poverty, uncertainty, grief, fear, and illness.

For those of you who are sending healing, please don't send healing to the virus itself. All living things thrive on energy, so healing will give the virus strength. Energy sent from light and love does not kill, remove, or deter. So instead, please send healing to the issues associated with the virus.

We can look for the greater why, but really at the end of the day, that is the mind wanting a focus. Stay in your heart, love those around you, and be kind to everyone. This is an easy time to shut down emotionally as the virus increases and the restrictions to life increase, but don't let this happen. Make a conscious effort to stay in your heart and consciously choose light over darkness because dark days are coming for many.

As I write this, I look out the window and Waireti is playing with a bubble maker. Bubbles are everywhere. Simple things can bring a smile, make us laugh, and lighten the mood. My turn!

It never ceases to amaze me how a new concept soon evolves into the norm. When I was first starting this website, I remember googling ‘Rays of Incarnation and it came up with zero results. Now eleven years later, I put the same search into google and there were eleven million results. The rays of incarnation are one of the foundation stones for our website and ascension. We differ from the norm in that instead of calling them the Seven Rays of Incarnation, we are now calling them the Eight Rays of incarnation. This is because we are seeing many people with the Eighth Rainbow Ray as their ascension ray. The Eighth Ray is no longer a hidden ray, it is a ray of these times.

We have some new healing shawls slowly being added to the website. These are for physical, emotional, and mental healing. The healing energy is put into the shawls by St. Germain, Mother Mary, and Dom Ignacio. Check them out, we have quite a few different blues and greens coming online in the next few days.

We have added a dark purple Sixth Ray shawl to the store for those of you on the Sixth Ray. The Ray shawls help focus the ray, bringing greater clarity to life and ascension lessons. They bring the balance of the ray. Check out all our Ray Shawls here.