19th March 2019

The news of the tragic massacre in New Zealand has gone around the world. New Zealand weeps. My heart goes out to those who grieve and I'm sure you feel the same.

While the agenda of the attacker was to create mayhem and chaos and divide humanity, it appears, for the greater part, that the opposite has occurred. University students are holding a March for Love, support for the Muslim community in their time of grief is overwhelming, a sea of flowers is outside every mosque and the Prime Minister of New Zealand is talking about inclusion, compassion and oneness to a world stage. The light is prevailing and stepping forward in action. Out of this dark tragedy, we see the Light shining and taking centre stage here in New Zealand. 

From this tragic experience may all of humanity ...

... learn to be accepting of the differences in humanity

... be open to understanding these differences

... be inclusive, not exclusive

... forgive those who have wronged them

... have compassion for all those who suffer

... always act in love

... always lend a helping hand to those in need

The Ascended Masters see all. They see the dark side of humanity all the time. It fills my heart with joy when humanity stands united in the Light and darkness finds it hard to get a foothold.