19th December 2019


Here we are at that time of year when some parents are talking about Santa Clause and asking their children if they have been naughty or nice. But are they asking themselves the same question?

Over the last month, I have observed a series of people who think not being nice is okay. How much effort does it take to be nice? Though they wouldn't class their behaviour as bad. Because their patterns of behaviour are so ingrained in who they are, they don't see their behaviour as anything other than normal. It is just who they are.

This is part of the human condition. Our patterns of behaviour and patterns of thinking contribute to making us who we are. But as we ascend, we need to turn the spotlight on ourselves. We need to stop and look closely at our patterns of behaviour and thought. We have to look at those patterns that contribute to our daily karma.

A few examples of patterns of behaviour might be gossip, anger, swearing, demanding of others, subservience, smacking for discipline, putting someone down, and negative comments. Patterns of thought are usually ego based internal judgement about self and others.

Part of the human condition is that we aren't nice all the time. No one is perfect. We all slip up. So when you find yourself judging, saying something unkind, or smacking your child for something you don't like, stop and look at yourself. Then be kind to yourself and acknowledge you aren't perfect, but pledge to yourself that you will work at being kinder to others and yourself. Don't forget yourself as we can be hardest on ourselves.