18th October 2018

We had Kuan Yin, El Morya, and Serapis Bey perform this weeks free Wednesday ascension healing. The healing recipients were divided into three groups and each Master took a group for personalized healing.

Healing is one of those topics that has great depth and breadth. Like cooking, it is something everyone can do in their own fashion, but to have the knowledge of how everything works and interacts requires years of practice and study. I want to share a few facts that come from my lifetime of practice. I did my first public healing when I was three years old. Over the ensuing years, I have read widely trying to understand the nuances of why things happen with energy and why they don't.

These simple pointers and facts are for those who are just starting or who might need to look at healing in a different light.

1. The healer is the conduit for the healing energies which come from a higher source.

2. Before you heal, connect with the recipient, if not physically then energetically. The healing energy needs a path to follow.

3. Healing does not destruct. It supports, builds, and repairs. This is why healing will not cure cancer, as cancers are a living thing. Healing energy will never kill or remove energy; that is a different gift completely.

4. The physical body is fed by the etheric body, which is fed by the emotional body, which is fed by the mental body, which is fed by the astral body. So if you have an issue in the astral body, it will affect the mental body, which will affect the emotional body, which will affect the etheric body. Most illness in the physical body has its cause from the etheric body. If your etheric body has pitting, you are about to get a serious illness or already have one. To attend to your physical body, attend to your other bodies too.

Look at our astral, mental, emotional and etheric body healings. Keeping these four bodies clear is an essential part of life and ascension. So much attention is given to the physical, but most are not even aware these other bodies exist.

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