17th July 2020

This is a quick entry this week. Next week will be Second Ray week. St Germain wants me to give him a quick promotion. He is overseeing a new website I mentioned a few weeks ago 'Business Light expansion'. They requested if they could use St Germain's portal for their website. The response was no, but St Germain said he wanted to create a new portal painting just for them. So, this last week I have been working with St Germain as he created his new portal painting through me utilizing what I call my second crown chakra, but has now morphed into something explainable. But that's a side issue. This portal painting is the first to be created using only computer graphics. The portal painting isn't mine top share - but I can direct you to their website, so you can see and feel this new portal painting. He has added some 7th ray whimsey into this one which I find delightful. It makes me smile every time I see it. Go and have a look on their home page and feel his loving energy flow into you. He is fully behind this new website and the services they offer with him. The Masters are helping lightworkers in a practical way. These are all 6th and 7th initiates, so their light is just amazing. Take a look at the video with St Germain explaining how he and the Masters will be helping Lightworkers.

I feel the end of the year will see the end of this diary. 11 years of writing about the Masters each week is enough I feel.