17th January 2019


Blessings on your year ahead.

May your light continue to increase.

We are back working with the Ascended Masters with focus. The focus isn't just ours, but theirs as well.

The Ascended Masters have given us a clear message to focus only on those serious about ascension. So Many want healing for reasons other than ascension. The message is clear from the Masters, healing for reasons other than ascension isn't for Waireti and I. There are thousands of healers in the world for you to call on for other issues other than ascension, we recommend the Ascending Initiates. They all have protection grids.

You may have noticed some changes. 

We have removed a few of the healings we offer - the ancestral healing, the personalized healings, the 24 hour healing and the house blessing. This is so we can focus on ascension and not the side issues.

We have stopped the free ascension healing, hopefully the Ascending Initiates will pick that up. We will continue with the requests we have already received over the next twelve weeks, but I won't be posting what happens and who the Masters are.

Unified Field

Over the break, I was asked to explain the unified field (aka universal field) in relation to the Ascended Masters.

A unified field exists for all of creation that exists in the physical world.

This is also called a universal field.   

This is about the physical for down to its tiniest particle, atom, cell and so on.

It is all linked.

When we die we cease to be part of this field as we leave the physical world.

But we also have physical dimensions, so the universal field exists within dimensions that exist in the physical sense. An example of this is dimensional lives.

So we can also have a multi-dimensional universal field.

Then there is the field of God, let's call it a cosmic field. All that was, is, and will ever be exists within this field. This is what links the angels, Ascended Masters, Elohim, and all those beings of light. It also links all of the beings of darkness with the universal physical field. All that exists beyond the physical is part of a greater energetic field again.

Those who are passed the 7th initiation (and some people who haven’t) have the ability to access this cosmic field of God.