17th December 2020


The world always seems better when the sun is shining, and it is today!

Some questions came in over the last few weeks which I want to share. I’ll also share some reviews of our healings.

Can you tell me more about Horus?

Horus isn't one of the Masters we work with other than he was part of the 108 Ascended Masters who created the Ascended Masters’ portal here in New Zealand. Horus is an Eighth Ray Master (the rainbow ray), and he usually appears in sparkling light. His aura looks like many rainbows.The Ascended Master Ra-mun and Horus can be confused with each other. Both are depicted wearing a bird's head. Ra-mun is a Seventh Ray Master and is the Master of Initiations. Ra-mun is likely to be encountered more often than Horus because he is always there if you are going through an initiation. Ra-mun also works with Reiki practitioners a lot.

A question came in this week about visiting healers.

I can't comment on any other healer's work or modality, but I can speak in general terms so you can see those who will help you most. The general thought is ‘healing is healing’, but we all know some healers are better than others. This is due to their degree of karma versus Light. A healer can only heal to the level of their ascension, meaning they can only access the light or healing energy they have ascended to. Looking at it another way, most healers have karma, this is their own personal darkness. If they have 40% karma in their chakras, then they only have access to 60% light. Their karma is their limitation. So, you want to go to a healer who has more light than you, or also less karma. You can read more about these percentages here. Ideally, you want to see someone who has no karma and is 100% light. These are healers who have passed the 5th, 6th,7th, 8th initiations. Waireti and I have passed the 8th initiation. You can find other healers who have passed these higher initiations at this link.

How do we use the Ascended Master oils?

All of the oils are posted with instructions and we highlight areas you need to attend to. We also put stickers on the box asking you to read the instructions because it is really important to read the instructions. The Masters’ oils are in a league of their own. They must be used with care as they don't work like other oils, and they are very powerful. The main point to know is you must wait 5 minutes between the application of different oils, sprays, creams, and roll-ons. This allows the energy to go where it is needed and start to work. You also need to use most of the products consistently and not just once in a while to assist you in your ascension and well-being.

What’s going to happen to me between the 4th and 5th initiation?

This is hard to answer because everyone is different, so I stay away from putting too much information out there. Everyone experiences ascension in a way that fits in with their beliefs, personality, karma, lessons, rays, lifestyle, health, and so much more. Some may breeze through and be unaware of what is happening, others may get caught in ill-health and ascension symptoms. Belief systems change for some and not others. It all depends on the person. So, accept that your ascension is yours and know we are here to help you get to the higher initiations. What happens for you is right for you.

Here are some reviews for three of our healings. Thank you to those who take the time to log in to their accounts and give us reviews online. Blessings to you.

Emotional Body Healing

It took me few days to realize how much benefit I received from this beautiful healing session. I noticed that I became much more friendly, showing my love to others and less protective of myself while doing that. I also noticed more control over tears that use to appear too often, that's very good news for me...I feel clean and new like sunshine after rain. Thank you so much Verna and ascended masters.”

Mental Body Healing

This healing affected me very deeply. I had a stroke a year ago. Since then, I experienced memory problems, started to talk slowly, and had a lot of pain in the lower back. Today, a week after the session, I can tell it’s all gone! What a relief. Thank you so much.”

I must say that the Mental Body Clearing has created such a profound clarity of thought for me. I have enjoyed the ability to focus more intently now on any subject that I am studying, fully as a result of this healing. I am very grateful for Verna and Waireti's services, including many others along with this one, and for their very powerful access to the field of grace and infinite divine love, which I have felt during every session. I have a deep abiding gratitude for their sacred gifts of service.”

Past Life Healing

Prior to my 1st past life healing, I suffered from constant insomnia (for decades) and various other symptoms related to complex post traumatic stress disorder. Trying to sleep and even just getting ready to go to sleep has always been a completely exhausting ordeal for me daily. Panic attacks, hyperventilation, vomiting, waking in the night screaming, and constant vivid nightmares reliving abuses of the past were my everyday experience. I had been working on this for 18 years with no relief. I have had a torn lung as well as a broken rib simply from the intensity of the episodes all with no outer physical cause. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on every therapy possible, trying to improve myself, ‘let go’, do shadow work, forgive those who harmed me, etc. I had the first past life healing a little over a week ago and I am still adjusting to even believe how dramatic the results are. All of this is completely gone!!! I was just hoping for the smallest bit of relief and didn’t even imagine this outcome as possible. It’s like my memories have been wiped out completely. I feel like I have been unplugged from a dark system. I am still integrating the fact that I have gone almost my entire life without getting proper rest I deserve to function. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to connect with Verna, Waireti, The Masters and grateful to receive their loving support. I cannot thank them enough! I highly recommend this service, and all services from this site. If you are thinking about receiving healing from these beautiful souls, be assured you deserve it!”

I do need to point out we are ascension healers and not health healers. Any health benefit is due to clearing and repairing of one of the bodies, the cellular memory, ancestral or past life memory. Our healings are part of the ascension regime we suggest to all actively ascending with us. Here is the link to our healings.