17th April 2020

Hello, I hope you are well in these difficult times. Our love goes to all of you.

It is with great joy that I introduce to you today a group of new Masters. We have created a new page on the website just for them where you can read about them, see what their auras are like, and generally get to know them as the beautiful beings they are. They are all wonderful. It was the highlight of my day to connect with them on a deep level and create their aura paintings with them. Some had me laughing, others I just wanted to sit in their love, but all felt like family. The aura paintings are not portals, but there is enough of the Master’s energy in them for you to get a sense of their energy, connect with them, and for them to say hi to you. You will see Maru-ata (my Higher Self) there and some of those he is ascending with. All of these new Masters are the Higher Self of someone who has passed the seventh initiation via the Ascended Masters’ portal. There are more new Masters to be added to the page over the next week or so, so keep coming back to see who has been added. Come and visit with them here.

Karma within ascension is a common topic that keeps coming back. The question usually asked is, “After I pass an initiation, can I make enough karma to descend?” First, some base knowledge. When we pay sufficient karma, then we pass a specific initiation. For example, when we have paid 60% of our karma, then we pass the 3rd initiation. Don't think just because the initiation has been reached that we can't then make sufficient karma to drop us below the threshold again. Of course, we can. Everyone see-saws up and down in their karma every day. So the answer is yes, you can make enough karma to descend.

Also, please don't think because someone has passed the 5th initiation and left the cycle of rebirth that they can't create enough karma to drop below the threshold. They can. We never stop creating karma with our thoughts, words, and actions because it is part of the human condition. But as we ascend and come into a state of unconditional love, we make less and less karma daily. This is because we judge less and love humanity more. As I always say, strive to have heart based thoughts, words, and actions.

Another topic that has arisen this week is physical healing. If you are physically ill or have issues with your physical body, please don't berate your body for letting you down or judge it for being less than perfect. Rather thank your body for being the vehicle for your karma to be paid. It is your past life and current life karma that is creating the illness, condition, or limitation in the body. Send love to the cells of your body so your body knows it is loved. Let it know you will support it through the manifestation of your karma within it. Your body truly is a gift. Accept it as such.

Blessings on your week ahead.