16th August 2018

This healing day in the Ascended Masters' portal was a singing day - Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Melchizedek all lifted their voices in devotion. As they sang their devotion, they pulled all those on the healing list into their circle of sound. I see dross falling away in little pieces. The beauty of this is without words. Devotion is a major part of ascension.

The Masters all have a specific focus. Melchizedek's focus? He smooths away the rough edges of an energy field. As I have ascended, I know exactly what that is. When a persons energy is discordant, it is sharp in note and feeling and it can be unpleasant. Melchizedek helps to smooth these energetic discords. As we ascend, we can become very attuned to the nuances in everyone's energy field. Some discords you will learn are self created, some are reactions to events, and some are just part of the person's past life and ancestral memories. As the dross fell away in today's free healing, Melchizedek was smoothing any discordant and rough edges in each persons energy field.

Everyone's energy field has discords, regardless of the initiation. Waireti and I have discords in our energy field. All of those who pass the 6th initiation have discords in their energy field, perhaps a more refined discord, but still a discord. Don't assume when we pass the 5th initiation that we are perfect. LOL, that is far from the truth. Our humanity ensures we have feelings, we suffer, we get hurt, we react... all things that create discords. No pedestals allowed here. See us in truth, not as fictional modes of perfection. 

We now have 15 people who have passed the 7th initiation with us. This is so wonderful to see and is a testament to their focus, hard work, and commitment to ascension.  

It is 3 years this week since Waireti and I passed the 7th initiation. We have now passed the half way mark towards the 8th initiation. We are striving for ascension every minute of every day. At the 7th initiation the Higher Self comes completely into the the person's Holy Heart.  Our Higher Self begins to serve humanity in a greater way. The devotion the Archangels and Melchizedek sang about today is something we give to our Higher Selves daily. What is devotion? Love with supplication. We bow to our Higher Selves. We don't tell, order or expect anything of our Higher Selves. We ask with humble devotion. It is a relationship of lower to Higher. We have learned to leave ego at the door of the Holy Heart. 

Waireti and I are away from the portal for the month of September. Some product orders will still be shipped, but depending on your order, some product orders will have to wait till we get back at the start of October. We will still be working while away, so healing orders will be booked in. I will answer emails and Wednesday healings will still continue, but there might not be any feedback. The diary will be less frequent.

The Masters are sending a group of us to the United Kingdom to work with some of their ancient gates. It appears only those who have passed the 7th initiation have the vibration to interact with them. It will be an interesting adventure.