15th November 2019


There is a book coming out in the next few weeks written by 13 people who have passed the 6th and 7th initiation. The book is about their ascension journeys within their normal lives. Every path is different and every story unique, the common thread is they have all ascended past the 6th and 7th initiations, and they have all connected with the Ascended Masters via their portal here in New Zealand at some stage in their ascension. I will let you know when copies are available, the various formats, and where you can buy it if you are interested. More on that in the weeks to come. It really is an amazing and inspiring read, and I am honored to share my story there.

Have you read my article on the 11:11 phenomenon as explained by the Ascended Masters? They explain it in light of the historical and future nature of the planet. They put a unique perspective on a world phenomenon.

Do you get that twisty feeling in your stomach when you know you have done something you aren't proud of, or when you remember something in your past you aren't proud of? We are often the creators of our own misfortune and so our own reality. We do this by not having thoughts, words, and actions based in love. The solution is easy.

Be Nice. Love might be a step too far for some but be nice. Be nice to those you encounter, be nice to yourself, and be nice about people even when they aren't around, and you will find your reality changes. Too easy.