15th February 2018

This week’s healing Masters for the free Ascension healing session were St. John the Baptist and Serapis Bey. St. John is a Master of meditation and balance, and Serapis Bey is a Master of harmony within conflict. The topic they focused on this week was stability within self - mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical stability. Balance and harmony are both part of stability. I come into contact with people who are out of balance and aren't in harmony with themselves on a weekly (and more often daily) basis. This occurs for various reasons, both internal and external, depending on the person. 

Personal balance, harmony, and stability are things we all can practice within ourselves. Here is a little exercise the Masters gave me for this.

Sit quietly and go on into a meditative state if you want to.
Create an egg shape around your physical body, about 18 inches out.
Feel your energy. How much is outside of the egg? See or feel your energy outside of the shell; is it even? Wispy? Tendrils? Solid? Is there more on one side than another? Is it gathered in one area?
Now they want you to pull all of your energy into the egg. Some of it might be miles away with another person, pull it all back and pull it into the shell. It might feel tight, pull it all in.
Now feel or see a line running through the centre, dividing your left and right sides.
Pull the energy that is meant to be on the left side back from the right side
and pull the energy that is meant to be on the right side back from the left, so the left side energy is contained and the right side energy is contained.
Feel both left and right energy sides against each other on that central line. Tighten and straighten the energy so you feel the left side and right side in balance.
Sit in this energy for a while.
Do you feel stronger?
Do you fee more in your power?
Do you feel balanced?
Do you feel stable?
Now go to your heart chakra or your sacred heart and feel love.
See the love spread to the left and right sides of your energy within the egg.

Do you feel in harmony with self?