15th August 2019


I was asked this week what the difference is between healing and clearing. Don’t assume they are the same thing.

Here are some of the differences.

Healing is energy going in, clearing is energy coming out.

Healing happens to us. Clearing happens by us, as a by-product of healing or as a self-initiated event.

Both contribute to positive change, leading to wellness and balance.

And here I must reiterate, we are ascension healers here, not health healers. If you want health healing, look at the Ascending Initiates website, they give free healing once a month. But I do stress, attending to your own issues is part of your wellness. Relying on others to ‘fix’ things for you, means you are handing your power away. Working on yourself while supported by healing energies is the way to success. Healers can't change your life or change the patterns that contribute to your situation. You know the saying 'God helps those who help themselves'. Meaning, be in your power, look at the cause of your issues, make changes, and the healing energy will support you, helping you change and clear. If you depend on a healer to do it all for you and sit back and wait for a miracle, then you will be disappointed. Take the pressure off them to deliver and stand in your power.

AmayahGrace has written an excellent article on the Healer/Client Relationship for the Ascending Initiates website.

Which brings me to the next Ray in our series, the Fifth Ray. The Fifth Ray is the green and orange Ray of healing, truth, and knowledge. If you are on the Fifth Ray, then you have one of these Ascended Masters with you - Hilarion, Ptah, Ganesh, Amaryllis the goddess of Spring, or Susan'oo.

This is a vast Ray. It is the Ray of the Self and the World. For those on the ray, it is about understanding themselves and understanding the world they live in. This can all be brought down to Truth. Truth though is subjective.

Fifth Ray people ask questions constantly. If you have a fifth ray child, they will be asking why, what, and how all the time. The lesson for the Fifth Ray person is to find these answers for themselves, and they do so through reading, watching documentaries, going to lectures, and any other source of knowledge they can find. Fifth Ray people know a lot. This doesn't make them good teachers though, as the question is always there. Sharing their knowledge isn't part of who they are; they gather knowledge for themselves.

The Fifth ray is also the healing ray. This isn't healing of others, but more about healing themselves. Fifth Ray people innately know healing is about personal truth. They know that looking at themselves in truth will help them heal. Those with Ganesh often have deep inner scars that need deep healing, though they hide this part of themselves from the world.

Fifth Ray people can be travelers too. They can go out to seek knowledge from all sources, wherever that is in the world. I can imagine the great explorers being on the Fifth Ray. They want to know what is around this corner? What’s on the other side of this ocean? Those on the orange aspect of the Ray take this exploration internally. They want to understand themselves. And on a spiritual level, they find another level of consciousness opening up that they just have to explore.

The negative side of the Fifth Ray can be that the questions become more important than the answers. The questions can become lists of questions. They don't think about what the answers might be as the answers are less important than the questions. Some can use the questions as a means of social interaction, not aware that these continuous questions can alienate people.

The Fifth Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

If you want to know your 5 Rays of ascension, I suggest our 5 ray reading to learn your 5 Rays and the 5 Ascended Masters who stand with you on those rays.