14th October 2020

Namaste, I hope you are well.

Recently I have been introducing some new Ascended Masters. These are the Higher Selves of those who have passed the 7th and 8th initiations. The lower self (the person in body) and the Higher Self (the Master) are ascending together. The higher we ascend, the more work the Higher Self can do as a Master. My Higher Self, Maru-ata, is now functioning as an Ascended Master. He is walking with people in need, overseeing all my healings with the Masters here at the portal, and is becoming a member of the Master teams. He is now stepping out on his own to offer healings by himself. These healings won't occur in the Ascended Masters portal. He will come to you and bring you into his energy field. With me, Verna, connecting to you, he then has an anchor to create great change. Then he travels back in time to where he is needed in your life.

He is offering healing for your wounded child (womb - age 13), your wounded teen (age 14-20), and your wounded young adult (age 21-30). In all the sessions, he first looks at two of your past lives that now impact on that age group the most. He identifies to me the influence and gives healing to those two lives. Then he moves to the earliest age of the healing session, and week by week, starts to clear the blockages related to the age. These sessions can take 2-4 hours as he slowly moves through time. I am there for about 30 minutes, and then he signals he has connected enough for me to step back. When the session is complete, I will share by email some of what I saw and was told. Because the session is so long, we ask the session occurs just before sleep or during sleep, your choice. The sessions are not for public viewing on the website as this is an ascension site, but we have links here that will take you to a hidden part of the site so you can order in the normal way. 

Healing your wounded child

Healing your wounded teenager

Healing your wounded young adult.