14th January 2020

I am honoured to present to you a book compiled by Carol Anne Halstead called Modern Ascension: Stories From the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates.

Thirteen people who have ascended with the Masters via the Ascended Masters’ portal beyond the 6th and 7th initiations have contributed their personal stories of ascension to this book, including me. I started to read the book for the first time last night. Carol Anne carefully explains ascension and shares her ascension story in the first chapter. I knew I had to go to sleep, but I just had to read the next story by Elizabeth Tackenberg. By the end of her story, I was truly excited and inspired. Carol Anne and the Initiates have produced a beautiful and inspiring book for these current times of ascension. I could have continued to read well into the night. It is rare I find a book I can't put down. Even now as I’m writing this, I want to go and continue reading, just to read each person's personal journey. No paths are the same, except they all found us here at Alpha Imaging.

The book is available in print (hardback and paperback) and as an e-book. Amazon has all versions, click here for the Amazon link. The book is also available online (in print and as an e-book) on all major platforms including Barnes Noble, Kobo.com, Google play, and Apple books, to name a few. Shop around as I see the price differs. 

Learn more about the book and each of the storytellers at www.modernascension.com