13th June 2019

Waireti and I are back from our break away. We definitely needed it. It is so nice to be home and in the energy of the portal.

We came back to a series of energetic upgrades for our work. I'm sure some of you find this too. You work hard energetically, need a time away, and then when you return an upgrade comes. It seems to me to be a general pattern of service.

Waireti and I were in San Francisco for a couple of days. The plight of the homeless there nearly broke our hearts. We learned one percent of the population is homeless. The compassion rolled from us in waves. We felt so helpless. And yet this is a state of being in every major and minor city in the world. It isn't a new phenomenon. In past lives we have all at some stage been so poor we needed to beg. At some time, that has been us.

Ascension means we experience everything. To be reading this page, you have been drawn here by the energy; ascension is in your awareness and a possibility for this life if you choose. To be here reading this, you will have had 12,000 to 25,000 lives. You too have had lives of extreme poverty and extreme wealth and every life experience in between. Whatever you see in life you will have done. You will have been a drug addict, an alcoholic, a priest, a nun, a monk, a murderer and murdered, you will have been raped and a rapist, the list goes on.

We can't judge others for the place they are in now. They may have thousands of lives left to live before they ascend. So when you see someone and you feel judgment, stop - and say to yourself: in one of my past lives, that was me. Then allow the compassion to come for them and for who you have been in a past life. For you have walked in everyone's shoes.