13th June 2018

Hello, I hope you are enjoying the new website.

Have you noticed the currency can be changed in the store from the default New Zealand currency to US, Euro, Canadian and UK. Just look in the upper left hand corner to so this.

St John the Baptist met me in the portal this morning to present all those on the free Ascension healing list. I had a busy day and so instead of entering at the usual 9am, I walked over at 7am. I asked St John if he was the only Master for the day. His response had me laughing - "well you aren't usually this early, the others haven't arrived yet." Why do I assume the Masters will be available to my timetable? LOL. St John was joined by Melchizedek and they accepted all the people I presented. And if that was you don't worry, they really do start in their time, not mine.

Waireti has taken on the House Blessings and Clearing sessions. She said she enjoys seeing the energy clear and change in people's homes. It gives her a feeling of satisfaction. 

If you are a return customer and have issues logging in, with this new website I can do a reset, which I couldn't before. Upgrades are wonderful!

We have two original Ascended Master portal paintings for sale. Mother Mary as shown above with the graphic and St Germain. The previous holder of these is an artist herself and has for personal reasons asked they find new homes. I suspect Mother Mary and St Germain were pushing her towards this and want them to go somewhere they can contribute to the healing of humanity. 

The portal paintings (available as cards and prints) were painted by the Masters via me Verna Maruata, by utilising my double crown chakra. This allowed Verna to stand aside and the Masters to step in to create these portals. Four identical portal paintings were created by each of the 22 Masters. There are no more. These portal paintings are spread around the world. 

If you are interested in being a holder for the Masters portal, email me. These will be excellent for healers for places of healing and change.

Blessings on your week ahead.