12th September 2019


The graphic says it all, ‘Just souls together’.

For a moment, picture two realities - in one group see all of humanity on this planet, and in the other group, see all of humanity who have left this life and are waiting to be reborn to do it all over again. Let’s call one group 'Life' and the other group "Waiting'.

You will have had many lives with people in both groups. Family and friends from this life will be in both realities. Now for a moment, expand your friends and family group to include all those people you’ve had past lives with - these are your past families and past life friends from thousands of lives. The number of souls you can connect with has grown to a huge number.

Now bring that reality into your life. Every person in body now follows that circular cycle of into body, out of body, and into body, with their own personal huge group of past and present family and friends.

Now think of all the people you might have loved in all those past lives, and here they are again in this life. Your souls recognise each other in an unexplained connection. This connection might just be a warm feeling, an instant liking (or dislike), or even an attraction. Who you were in the past is unknown, but the connection is there, bringing you back together again, lives touching, perhaps briefly, perhaps to form a longer connection.

The soul remembers. Even when we don't, the soul knows all that we have been and who we have connected with in past lives, both good and bad.

As the planet and humanity ascends, the lines between male and female are blurring, the song of the soul is becoming stronger. The rise of the soul in relationships is now being given expression and being voiced as such. Add into this the concept of gender fluidity, and we see the soul released from the binding of social convention into a reality of just soul recognition. The freedom to be in purity is starting to awaken across humanity.

The time of the soul is at hand.

Some may get caught into old belief systems, religious rhetoric, and old social conditioning around homosexuality and gender stereotypes, but many are open to knowing that some people listen to their soul and aren't afraid of where that song might take them.