12th November 2020

Namaste. I bow to the Higher Being within you, a being of Light.

Yes, we all have a higher being of Light that is part of us, who holds us close, and watches over us. This is our Higher Self.

Today I want to put the dark side into a context that makes them unimportant. There is a dark reality occurring on the astral plane, that is true. Are they important? No. They really are an annoying side issue, rather like a mosquito, “full of sound and fury and signifying nothing”.

A true Lightworker has no fear of the dark side. They see it as a tiny annoying mosquito. Their true mission is not to fight these mosquitos but to help humanity fight their own inner darkness (karma). Humanity only has two sides - karma and light. We create karma each day with our negative thoughts, words, and actions. A light worker strives to help humanity move from their own darkness into their own light. That is nothing to fear. That inner battle rages within everyone until they see themselves as beings of light and acknowledge their Higher Self as a greater being of Light to which they belong. The Ascended Masters are here to help but only until the union of the lower self and Higher Self begins at the 6th initiation.

Here at the portal, we strive to help the Masters and help humanity move out of their own darkness into their own light. We are here to help you all ascend.