12th March 2020

Welcome back to my weekly diary.

I was asked this week to explain our distant healings with the Masters. I don't think I've ever talked about this before.

The Masters work with us in a different way than ordinary distant healing.The Masters are in the Ascended Masters’ portal, in their healing temple. Waireti or I come to the reception area of the portal and connect with the recipient at a deep level. We then bring the recipient energetically to the portal and hand them to the Masters for the healing. The Masters then take the person into their healing temple. Waireti and I step back, but we continue to hold the person in the portal. Waireti and I are the bridge between the physical and the Masters. We aren’t bringing the Masters into our world, we are taking the recipient into the Masters’ world. This makes these healings different and more powerful than anywhere else in the world. Magic.

All the person needs to do is be relaxed (lying down or in a meditative state) and then enjoy the session.Each person experiences the sessions in a way unique to them, but the consensus is the sessions are powerful.Don’t be anxious, the Masters are kind and caring. Be open to experiencing their love.

We have added some seconds healing shawls to the store, we are calling it Pot-Luck. These are healing shawls we have discovered have a flaw or a mark. Most of the issues aren't easily seen. The healing in the shawl is still at 100%. We will choose the shawl for each person and will try and match the shawl to your energy the best we can. There is a limited number of them. If you are looking at the shawls and don't know which is right for you, look at the shawl and see if you can feel an energetic pull. A pull suggests that's the one.

I was reminded today about the Ascended Master teaching schools. The Masters have set up teaching schools for those who are between the 4th and 5th initiations. Some are general and some are on specific topics. You will visit these in your sleep. A sign you are visiting these schools is when you wake up tired in the morning. Ask in meditation to be shown where you go and what is being taught. It can be fun to be more aware of what is happening.

Blessings on your week ahead.