11th June 2020

Here we are back again.

I can't believe I have been writing this diary for 11 years. That weekly commitment certainly gives our work with the Masters longevity.

Last week I was meditating on a torus and the Masters brought up the topic of their personal crystal portals. The Masters create portals in crystals for their energy to flow out to humanity so they can work with humanity in a closer way. The Masters have made some of these portals for Waireti and myself and these have been featured on our Instagram and Facebook page for you to enjoy. The Masters also make portals for those of you who step forward to be a Holder/Guardian of their personal portals. These portals are now all over the world.

The individual Masters showed me their portals linking around the world in a private network. So, all those with Jesus portals, your Jesus portal is linked to all the other Jesus portals around the world. This applies to all the Masters. The Masters showed me the wonderful energy networks that exist between their portals. These portal connections act as transmitters of the Master’s energy out to humanity. These portal networks allow the Masters to work with humanity on a deeper level. Of course, they work with the guardian/holder of the portal too, giving support, guidance, teaching, and healing.

If you feel you want to own a crystal portal and be part of this network serving humanity while still benefiting personally from having the Master's energy in your home, then read more here and send us your expression of interest.

The Masters are helping humanity in a huge way, in ways most people never envision. Is it time for you to help them help humanity?