11th July 2019

Apologies for not putting up a diary entry last week. All I can say is, last week was just a nightmare. I'm sure we all have full on weeks, and despite our best intentions, some things just don't get done. But here I am, back on track.

I am pleased to share the latest Ascension tally figures of those ascending with the Masters via the portal.

154 have passed the 4th initiation.

109 have passed the 5th initiation and left the cycle of rebirth. They won't reincarnate again.

109 have passed the 6th initiation.

31 have passed the 7th initiation, with another nine passing in the next month or so.

My Higher Self said to me last week, "The world waits." They are waiting for those who will pass the 7th initiation, for they will serve humanity in great ways.

When someone passes the 7th initiation, it means their Higher Self has descended into the persons Holy Heart, and the Higher Self has become a Master in body. The person then becomes a living portal of the new Ascended Master. You might know that Ascended Masters have a white rim around their aura; this white border is seen with those who have passed the 7th initiation. Another indication that their Higher Self is a Master.

It isn't the person who is an Ascended Master, for they will always be the lower self who is bound by their humanity, but rather it is the Higher Self who is the Ascended Master. Just as we may call Jesus an Ascended Master, but it is really the Higher Self of Jesus who is the Master. Jesus, the man, was only ever the lower self in form.

If you feel ascension is for you, and if you feel the world waits for the great work your Higher Self can do through you, then look at our Ascension reading. This reading will give you a good idea of how close you are to these initiation milestones, as well as a detailed report about the energetic you. You can read more about the Ascension reading here.