11th July 2018

The Masters stepping forward to give the weekly free Ascension healing with us were Jesus and Pallas Athena. Jesus is laughing and Pallas Athena is in warrior mode looking very serious, though there may be a small smile. The two sides of Ascension; it is serious business, but we definitely need a sense of humor and lightness of being to Ascend. Balancing the focused attention of Ascension and the need to live and enjoy life can be difficult. I can get tied up in the seriousness of Ascension, even now as I move through all the testing of the process between the 7th and 8th initiation. Humor and lightness of being brings balance to the constant testing.

Our new sprays are going online this week. Watch out for them and I will write more about them next week. One of them is ‘Lighten’, a must for all those who are too serious in their Ascension process. It is one I am using.

We have two houses here at the portal. Well, one within the portal and one at the edge. Owners of the portal have mostly lived in the secondary house, as well as some friends. This house now stands empty. At the Masters suggestion, we are telling those of you who read the diary and who are Ascending with us that this house is available for rent. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a pool. Pets are okay. It may be rented by a family or someone wanting to live close to the portal or even on a share basis. The condition of the house is okay, though we need to do some external work. If you are serious about a move to Hamilton, email me for further information.