11th April 2019

Here we are again. 

I have discovered processed sugar has been contributing to my foggy mind and memory. Just after I passed the 6th initiation my Higher Self told me not to have processed sugar. I knew this was right as my body reacted in a negative way to sugar. Six years later, sugar has gradually crept back into my life, I never quite connected how I felt physically with sugar; feeling foggy became normal. My blood tests came back normal at the doctor, and in fact, I seemed to be in great health except I knew my brain was foggy and my memory just ridiculous. Recently for no reason other than I felt the need, I stopped all sugar for a week. I became alert, bright, energetic and I was remembering things! Yesterday the sugar crave hit, and today I'm back to foggy brain and useless memory. 

It would have been easy to consign my symptoms to ascension symptoms after the doctors all clear, when in reality it was a single food. Ascension symptoms can be attributed to a lot of the unexplained, and in reality, that is true. Waireti and I had a discussion on ascension symptoms. We both agree, ascension symptoms are at the bottom of the list for us. Medical first, check it out with our herbalist, self-monitor and then if there's still no conclusion, we look to ascension symptoms.

I am aware that ascension symptoms aren't covered here on my website. There is no article and not much written, probably because I feel everyone needs to self-monitor. It is very easy to look at a list, make a judgement call, and overlook the medical. This view is probably contrary to everything you read, but we need to be sensible with our health. Many people have an inner knowing as to what an ascension symptom is and what is medical, but if you don't, always look to medical first. A simple blood test can answer a lot of questions. I will write an article on ascension symptoms though; there is a gap in the website.

I have a group of people who I work with who are nearing the 7th initiation. The discussion has led to karma. 

We reach the 5th initiation by paying all of our karma. When we have zero karma we pass the 5th initiation. Between the 4th and 5th initiations can be a hard time, especially for those who seek to help humanity. This is because their supposed kind actions are actually creating karma. Here are some examples -

Sending healing can create karma for the sender . Sending healing is a very common practice, and for the most part this is fine. But let's say a healer knows two people who are in conflict, and the healer wants to smooth their relationship. By sending them healing, the healer is creating karma for themselves. Why? Because it is none of their business. The relationship and interactions between those two people are unfolding according to their personal karma and lessons. Their issues are being worked on. By sending healing the healer, though with good intentions, is placing their will upon the situation. Placing your will over someone, for whatever reason, creates karma. 

Healing can only be sent with permission of the recipients. This creates karma if you don't have permission. I ask my children if I can send them healing. If someone is anti-healing, don't disregard their wishes and send it anyway. That will definitely create karma. 

Asking for forgiveness on behalf of someone else is a common practice. This creates karma. Their life lessons are none of your business. Everyone has their own path to walk. Interference creates karma. 

You can see, being kind and caring can get you into trouble karmically. So before you act, ask yourself - "Am I placing my will on this person or situation?". If the answer is yes, then ask how you can contribute without making karma. Maybe all it needs is a heart based conversation. 

And on another note, Waireti and I will be having a break for 5 weeks starting May 1st. The store will be open and we will be accepting healing orders. Product orders will be sent in the second week of June. So get your product orders in before May 1st, especially if you are running out of your oils.