10th October 2019


This is an exciting week for us. We are releasing a new product called "Blessing Oil".

This wonderful Blessing oil was created by Sanat Kumara in the Ascended Masters' portal for the purpose of bestowing his blessing. This oil is meant for healers, mediation groups, and people who just want to help the Master by bestowing his blessing on others.

Waireti has observed that the oil expands the aura, separates the bodies, and anchors the blessing in the heart for about 72 hours. To me, the bodies vibrate with the blessing and align with the heart. The energetic colour of the oil is pink. It is definitely a heart-based blessing.

I smeared the oil on the third eye of a friend and she immediately wanted a bottle just for herself. That's okay, but someone else needs to apply the blessing oil to the third eye. It is the act of selfless bestowing that is part of the ceremony.

This new oil is smeared onto the recipient's third eye. The vibration of the third eye releases the blessing. This is a wonderful thing for healers to do at the end of a session, for mediation groups, or any group that forms.

Last week I took a short flight. In confined spaces, I become aware of the Masters at work. The person beside me had Melchizedek with him, St. Germain and Jesus were with the people in front of me, Kuan Yin and El Morya were with the people behind me, and that's not including the angels and Archangels. It reminded me that the Masters walk with everyone now. Seven billion people all have a Master; that's some serious multi-locating for the Masters. But there has been a change. Now, regardless of who you are, what you have done, or whether you deem yourself worthy or not, one or more Masters is walking with you, and others are watching over you. If you want to know who is walking with you, look at our Master and Ray reading. It has always been a comfort to me to know which Masters walked beside me, so I knew who to call on when in need, and who to turn to when I have questions or concerns. It is okay to ask any Master, but the ones that choose you deserve a special place in your heart and your awareness.