10th October 2018

This week Waireti presented those on the free healing list to the Ascended Masters in the portal this week. Jesus and Serapis Bey welcomed her back. For this week’s session, those on the healing list are getting a stirring up from Serapis Bey. How many of us put issues to one side, pretend they don't exist or try to bury them? That isn't going to do you any good! Serapis Bey is bringing back some issues for clearing and Jesus is there to support you in the healing process.

A few things have come up this week which I want to share with you. I had an early morning group meditation this week. I got up early and had a shower in preparation, but ended up running late, so I got back into bed for the session. As I went into the process, the sleep energy of the night before came up to claim me, even though I had been up for a while. The Masters took this opportunity to show me the reverse. The energy of sleep patterns stay with the bed. If you have a pattern of not sleeping well, or wake during the night at the same time, that is the energy of the sleep exerting itself. This is why our Good Night Sleep spray is sprayed onto the bed; it removes poor sleep patterns and introduces good ones. The Masters love to teach within life.

Amaryllis the goddess of Spring is back in the portal. She appears every spring. It is a real delight to have her lovely energy with us.

The ascension numbers continue to rise for those ascending with the Ascended Masters here at their portal. The tally to date is - 130 have passed the 4th initiation, 89 have passed the 5th initiation, 86 have passed the 6th initiation and 15 have passed the 7th initiation. 

To celebrate and share these beautiful beings of light with humanity we have started a second website called The Ascending Initiates www.theascendinginitiates.com

Here you can meet those high initiates who have stepped forward. You can read their stories and contact them for healing, teaching, coaching and other services. They will be contributing to blogs and sharing their wisdom, knowledge and love on the website.

The current blogs are "Star Travellers" by AmayahGrace, "Your Authentic Confidence" by Matt Andrews and "Walking with a Master" by Sheila Franzen. I also have a page on ascension. Come have a look and enjoy the energy.