10th December 2020


Compassion is unconditional love with understanding. Have you experienced unconditional love or compassion within yourself?

Look at the portal of the Deva of Love and the portal of the Deva of Compassion (above). Sit in the energy and experience them for yourself. Be open and allow yourself to experience their energy. Allow those energies to manifest in you.

The Ascended Masters ask you to have compassion for...

... for all those who feel less than those around them

... for those who struggle daily to be part of society

... for those who have no friends or family

... for those who are disrespected because of their differences

... for those who look in the mirror and dislike what they see

... for those who dislike themselves

... for those who are depressed

... for those who struggle with things others find easy

... for those who are ridiculed

... for those who are lost and alone

Did one of these resonate with you? Did you recognise yourself in one of them?

Ascension may be a solo journey but coming into your heart is part of the process. When we come into our heart, compassion and unconditional love for ourselves and others becomes natural. Accept the energy of the Devas so you may ascend with compassion for all.