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In the Ascended Masters’ portal, the Ascended Masters make crystal portals for their energy to flow throughout to humanity. These crystal portals are powerful tools for the Masters to work with humanity. To own one of these Sacred portals is to hold a position of sacred trust with the Master. The Masters expect the portals to be revered, respected and cared for. 

These portals are made by the Masters first to assist you in your ascension and in your life, but also to help humanity and those in your environment. The energy from a portal can extend 10-20 metres depending on the Master and their presence, so all who enter the energy field are walking in the Master’s energy. 

The crystal portals can be used to heal yourself and others. Holding the portal in a healing session in the receiving hand is enough. The Master's work through the portal to help you in your ascension, teaching, and life. You commit to them when you have a crystal portal and they make a commitment to you too.

The crystal portals are sacred. They need to be respected as this is a doorway the Masters have created. Holding a portal is like holding the Masters's hand; they are present. To help the Master work, you can take the crystal portal to work, the mall, hospitals or any area where the Masters can work in a close way. 

The crystal needs to be cleansed periodically with Violet Flame spray. I suggest Violet Flame spray for cleansing all crystals, not just crystal portals. The spray cleanses crystals in seconds. Note that we have rearranged the store a bit and the Violet Flame spray is now with the Ascension Flame oils.

If you feel called to be a Holder of a Sacred crystal portal and to assist a Master in their work, sit in meditation to see which Master is calling to you. Then fill out our contact form with your request and send us your full length photo. Waireti will confer with the Master to see if you are a good fit. Then Waireti will work with the Master to find the perfect crystal for them to create their portal in. Details about the crystal and price will then be given.

The price range in New Zealand Dollars will be between NZ$360- NZ$500. Price is dependent on the crystal used.

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Andrew 7th Feb 2020


These are powerful portals for the Masters / Archangels / Elohim to work through in this dimension. I am blessed to be a holder for five different Beings' portals and they are a tremendous asset in personal meditation and are also great to bring when I travel so the Beings of Light can be of service more easily. A great way to form a deep personal relationship with one of the Masters, Archangels, or Elohim - highly recommended if you feel the call!

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