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14th January 2016

Sorry for the lack of entries for the last couple of weeks. Waireti and I took a much needed break over the festive season which rolled into a trip to Australia for my son's wedding, which rolled into visitors from the wedding coming for a stay. We will be back on board working full time from Monday 18th (NZ time). Now that all of our visitors are gone, and the sun is shining, we find all we want to do is sleep, but the Masters have grabbed me in this quiet time to do another painting. This painting is for a gateway into the ascension temple and will be free online once it is complete.

May 2016 be a year of blessings, love, and joy for you all.

Here we are back at work at the portal. We really needed the break.


20th January 2016

The Wednesday free ascension healing was conducted by Amen Bey and Portia; they divided the group, and each took half. Those with Amen Bey, a 4th ray Master of harmony through conflict, received healing about personal courage and strength. Those of you who are timid and fearful received healing about standing in your power. Those who went with Portia, a 6th ray Master of devotion and the goddess, received healing for the reverse sort of personal power. Those of you who are outgoing received healing around balance and reigning in your extrovert behaviour to the external world, so you can come into a place of inner quiet and peace, a place where personal power is not power over someone else, but a place of quiet self-confidence.

Personal power isn't about power over someone; it’s about inner strength, self-trust, and self-belief. This allows for self-confidence to emerge, which leads to competence in the world, and that has nothing to do with knowledge or ego. Personal power then leads to self-love and the love of others. Personal power is an integral part of the ascension process. When in your power, you are more open, more willing to not judge others and accept them as they are, more compassionate, and more in a heart space. From that place, you have nothing to prove, no agenda and you are just being you.

Over the last few weeks, the topic of Angelic vs Reptilian vs Faerie vs Annunaki vs god’s vs planetary origin has just kept coming. So, to keep this all short and succinct:

The Higher Selves of everyone on this planet have an origin: angelic, reptilian or faerie. To be here on this planet, in this creation, your Higher Self chose to have lives on this planet and in other dimensions that played out as a fall from their origin, or original path. The Higher Self chose to have many lives play out over time and across many dimensions, rather than a single life with a single soul on one pathway. They chose the fast path. Everything else that occurs on this planet and other planets is a construct of this reality that you reincarnate into life after life as you strive to leave the cycle of rebirth and re-join the one path/one soul ascension journey.

So, don't get stuck in the story of the external past, a.k.a. Pleiadean or Annunaki, as getting stuck in the story is a limitation on your ascension.
Instead, focus on your inner journey to the sacred heart, the holy heart and beyond - then your ascension will be on track. There is a lot of mind-stuff and stories that play out external to our ascension, but Ascension is only about the inner journey. Your origin (angelic, reptilian or faerie) is a part of that inner and ongoing ascension journey, which is why we mention it and not the other stories.

On a personal note, I would like to say there is a lot of rubbish on the internet about reptilians. So much so that when someone finds they are of reptilian origin they go into shock. About 49% of the planet are of reptilian origin, 49% are of angelic origin and about 2% are of Faerie origin. Don't get stuck in the stories that play out on the internet. Focus on your own ascension and be in your own personal power.

Much love to you all.

Love all, respect all.


27th January 2016

It was a rainbow of colour healing week here at the Ascended Masters portal. For the free ascension healing this week we have El Morya (blue), Jesus (yellow) Kuan Yin (pink), Serapis Bey (White), Hilarion, Pallas Athena (purple) and St. Germain (violet). For those on the healing list, the master you received healing from is the master you have for your Life ray Master. If you want to know your 5 rays and ray Masters here is the link.

We’ve been getting requests from those who have the astral body clearing crystals if we’re going to offer emotional body clearing crystals? The answer now is yes. We went to St. Germain last year and asked him if it was possible. He indicated he would lead this project to make emotional body clearing crystals and we began a testing phase. As you know, we never introduce you to anything without empirical testing first. Like the astral clearing crystals, we can confirm these crystals will clear your emotional body while you sleep when placed on your bedside table. This way, your aura connects with the crystal and the clearing occurs without effort on your part. Waireti has looked at me and several other people’s emotional bodies for the last six months and no blockages have appeared.

The emotional body clearing crystal works best if you have had an emotional body healing first to clear the blockages. The crystal then maintains the clarity of the emotional body. Once ordered, it takes about 3-5 days in the Ascended Masters portal for St. Germain to create the emotional body crystal and attune it to your energies.

Click here to read more.


3rd February 2016

It was my (Verna Maruata) turn to present those on the healing list to the Ascended Masters in their portal. As I stepped into the portal sanctum, I was transported to the healing temple part of the portal where St. John the Baptist met me. He was accompanied by Osiris and Chananda. What a day to receive healing! We are four hours into the session and I must admit that I am feeling bowled over by the energy emanating from the portal.

Today’s session is about letting go of all that anchors and binds you to a reality that is, in effect, a construct and an illusion. Many of us want to perpetuate the illusion by getting stuck in the story, so today’s healing is about clearing house, not the external home, but the internal home. Today is about clearing out all of those old patterns, old beliefs, and old stories that are in the past yet affect the present. Unless they are cleared and removed, these old stories will affect the future.

How can you be all you can be when these anchors and chains bind you to a reality that limits you?

The Masters had me painting a portal over the holiday break. This is not a portal that will be a doorway for one of them, but a doorway to the Ascension temple. This is the first time the Masters have painted (through me) a portal to a place rather than a portal for a Master.

This portal will safely take you to the ascension temple without going there via the astral plane.

The Ascension temple is a side part of the Ascended Masters portal. When people visit the Ascended Masters portal in their meditations, the Masters have to re-direct them to the ascension temple as the portal is only for the Ascended Masters to work in. The ascension temple is for humanity to meditate in and safely commune with the Masters.

The doorway painting can be found at this link with directions for use.

The image above is part of one of the under layers.

I have started an Instagram account. I've got to keep up with the young ones! I'm postingportal pictures, Master pictures, portal paintings and other things that don't make it to the website. Let’s say, I'm getting more personal with the portal, LOL. If you want to follow me, here is the link www.instagram.com/verna_maruata/ 

MyTwitter and Facebook accounts have been around for a while as well. 


10th February 2016

Mother Mary, Dom Ignacio, and Kuan Yin are the healers for the day. They are working as a single unit, so all of those on the free ascension list will get all three Masters giving them healing at the same time. Each person gets between 15 and 20 minutes of healing. Remember, the Masters can work on more than one person at a time. Today they are working on the palest of pink vibrations: a gorgeous, delicate pink.

Nurture. When was the last time you treated yourself in a delicate way? When were you last reverent with self? When did you last nurture the inner you? Don’t you deserve to be tended to as if you were a delicate bloom? The Masters don’t look at the external you, they look to the core of your being and they love you with delicate devotion as if you were a young seedling needing the greatest of attention. Nurture yourself. If the Masters feel you are worthy of nurturing with delicate devotion, then I don't see any reason why you can't feel this way too. Turn your inner being to the Light of your own Christ Light so it to can grow in the strongest of ways.

I came home to the Ascended Masters' portal last week and walked into the living area. The energy was just divine. I sat down to meditate, not wanting to miss a moment of this energy…it was the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian, LOL. He is the one Master I have had an internal battle with for some time; he discombobulates me, and I feel uncomfortable in his energy. Lady Nada is another one who has recently started to affect me in this way. So, it was a surprise for me to want to sink into his blissful energy, but the time had come for us to work together. Up until now, I had been resisting the work we are meant to do (or rather, the work I have to do on myself). He is here as a teacher and helper. Today, my heart is filled with love for him and the discombobulation has gone because now I am finally ready to address a personal issue within myself. St. Germain appears to be wiping his forehead with a handkerchief…phew, finally she gets it! LOL.

Paul the Venetian wants it known that if you feel discombobulated by a Master, or even have a feeling of dislike, instead of resisting the Master, look at what the Master may be trying to help you with. The answers only ever reside within.

Heads up to those in the United States: The U.S. exchange rate continues to be a killer for New Zealanders buying online from American stores, but the U.S. dollar is buying at about NZ$1.50, so that's a nearly 50% discount on everything in our store when buying from the U.S. Not so great everywhere else in the world, but great if you live in the U.S.


17th February

This week’s ascension healing team is St John the Baptist and Thomas Merton.

They are working on each person’s heart chakra to help clear out the dross that is not needed on old, old issues.

If you have explored the website, you will have come across the Ascended Master’s portal cards and prints. These were painted by the Ascended Masters via my (Verna Maruata’s) second crown chakra. The utilisation of my second crown chakra allowed the Masters to bypass Verna and her energy to create a unique portal for themselves. These portal paintings give the Masters a permanent link into our reality without having to manifest a body themselves. Their energy flows through their portals 24/7. These portals are available as cards and prints.

I have always been a fan of using the cards as a layout on the seven chakras. Placing the Master’s portal cards onto a chakra allows the Master’s energy to flow directly into the chakra, creating change.

I am sharing here a couple of the chakra layouts the Masters have given me.

Relationship issues (graphic to the left)

Crown - Lao Tze

Third Eye - Sanat Kumara

Throat - Ra-mun

Heart - Melchizedek

Solar Plexus - St Germain

Sacral - Hilarion

Base - Mary Magdalene

Personal Power (graphic to the right)

Crown – St. John the Baptist

Third Eye – St
. Germain

Throat - Serapis Bey

Heart - Hilarion

Solar Plexus - Mother Mary

Sacral - Melchizedek

Base - El Morya

You can get these Ascended Master portal cards from the store - click here.


24th February

It’s a seven Master and seven ray healing day.

If you are new to this weekly diary, you might not know that we submit people for free ascension healing with the Ascended Masters every week here at the Ascended Master’s portal. Each person gets 15-20 minutes of healing towards ascension from the Masters each week for about 12 weeks, or 12 sessions, of healing (maybe a little more or less). If you are interested,email your photo to [email protected]

As I was saying, for this week’s healing we had a seven Master and seven ray team step forward. They were: Melchizedek from the first ray, Jesus from the 2nd ray, Dom Ignacio from the 3rd ray, Serapis Bey from the 4th ray, Hilarion from the 5th ray, Pallas Athena from the 6th ray, and St. Germain from the 7th ray. All of those on the list have received 15-20 minutes of healing from one of these Masters. As I stood in the portal presenting people, I was shown rows of people standing before each Master. The Masters kindly told me what each of them was healing:

Melchizedek was healing around direction. Some of you are walking in circles or not sure which path to take. Melchizedek worked with those people.

Jesus worked with those who are so serious that they have little time for joy in their lives. Sometimes we just need to live and remember we might not come this way again. Take some joy in the small things around you, like a scented breeze or other things that lift your spirits.

Dom Ignacio is healing for health.

Serapis Bey is healing for life problems. We all have those. Sometimes we can't move forward because a certain event or circumstance anchors us so much that we can't move forward. Serapis Bey came to help those of you this description fits.

Hilarion gave healing around inner truth. It takes great courage to look at self in truth which is an essential part of ascension.

Pallas Athena gave healing around personal power.

St. Germain gave healing on change. Sometimes ascension means making changes both internally and externally.

One of the greatest tools the Masters provide is their portal prints and cards. If you have had a 5 ray reading and know your Ascended Master ascension team, then you would do well to get their portal cards to work with the Masters more directly. It is these five Masters who are your personal team and who are there to help you through to the 6th initiation. After the 6th initiation, they step back and hand you over to the sole care of your Higher Self.


7th March 2016

This week’s Ascended Master healers were Melchizedek and Sitatapatra. They were healing on the red aspect of the first ray, balancing the goddess energy with the masculine (first ray) energy. Their healing brought balance to freewill and the power and might of the first ray with the gentle energy of the goddess. The goddess energy is no less powerful than the First Ray but it is more restrained. There was also healing around personal power and its expression (expressed or not).

How many of you berate yourselves for not being perfect? I do. Here I am, having passed the 7th initiation, acknowledging that I am not perfect, yet still berating myself for not being perfect.

Where did I and those who think like me ever get the idea that we need to be perfect? Is it part of the human condition to think ascension means perfection? Do I think the Ascension Masters are perfect? No. I know they are still going through their own ascension process, so they can't be perfect. So why do I expect perfection of myself?

I judge myself for my imperfection.

I share here something I wrote to myself:

I accept I am imperfect and will always be so while in body.
I give myself the freedom to be imperfect.
I will cease to berate myself for not being perfect, knowing it is an unreachable goal. 
I will cease to desire unreachable perfection. I release that goal to my Higher Self.
I am of the Light and I live in the Light.
I will always manifest from the heart.
I will always strive to be all I can be, but I will not belittle my failures.
I love me in my imperfection.

Each time I find myself doing something that doesn't reach the standard I set for myself, I turn to myself in compassion and laugh and say, ‘Okay next time, let’s do this better. You aren't perfect, let’s try again another time’.

Part of my issue is that I have moved from the serious first ray to the joyous second ray. I'm learning it's okay to lighten up with myself. 


9th March 2016

This week we had Melchizedek and Lady Nada step forward for the free ascension healing. The portal was a stunning red and purple, not static, but a swirl of colour. The healing was based on the power loss of the inner child. Here is a link to Lady Nada’s oil - "Inner child".

I was asked this question today and decided to share the response as it comes up quite frequently:

(Paraphrasing) Do we come in (born) at a specific initiation or do we all start pre-first initiation and work our way up in each life?

A bit of background information first for those who haven't read all the articles and are new to the site:

The premise is that we ascend by paying our karma and by not making more karma than we pay, so the general progression of ascension is an increase in light in the chakras and a decrease in karma. Ascension is the raising of our vibration and therefore our consciousness. To leave the cycle of rebirth, we need to have paid all of our karma and have 100% light in the chakras.

The ongoing premise is that the first initiation occurs when there is 20% light in the chakras and 80% karma. The 2nd initiation occurs at 40% light and 60% karma. The 3rd initiation occurs at 60% light and 40% karma (this is a major initiation). The 4th initiation then is 80% light and 20% karma. Finally, the 5th initiation is 100% light and no karma left.

So, to go back to the question: Do we come in (born) at a specific initiation or do we all start pre-first initiation and work out way up in each life?

When we die, our unpaid karma from this life and past lives is downloaded to our earth star where it sits and waits for the soul’s return to a body. The earth star is activated at birth and with the first breath of life. It then moves below the child's feet and links to the soul seat in the body. Through this connection, the karma then starts to upload into the chakras of the new body. A newborn child arrives with no karma in their chakras. There are some exceptions to this, but generally speaking there is none and they arrive at 100% light and zero karma. As they age, the karma uploads from their earth star into their chakras and is fully uploaded by the age of 14. This is a process because all of the karma arriving suddenly in a baby would be too much. Children start paying their karma early on through broken bones, falls, illness, etc. By the time they reach 14 years old, they are probably close to passing the 1st initiation and they move on up from there. Some will never make it to the 2nd initiation in their entire lives as they make too much karma daily with their thoughts, words, and actions, while some progress quickly due to the smaller amount of karma to be paid from their past lives. Some people’s karma never uploads entirely.

To answer the question simply, at each life we start anew with the initiations. Of course, this is a vast topic, and this is a basic answer. There are a lot of exceptions and ‘what ifs’, but this isn't a book.

Blessings on your week ahead. Holding you in my heart with love - Verna


18th March 2016

To my regular readers sorry for the delay in posting this week. With a house full of adult children, joyful as it is, can have parents falling back into habits that just take up time! So, they have all gone back to their respective lives and here I am slotting back into mine. 

Waireti presented those for the free ascension healing this week. She tells me the Masters were all from the yellow (2nd ray) of wisdom and Joy - Jesus, Lord Lanto and Lao Tze, the sunniest of Masters. You can read more about them by clicking here to go to the Meet the Master's page.

This week’s healing was for Joy. When we smile and laugh, the world becomes a little bit lighter, which is why Lightness of Being is a wonderful attribute to adopt. Many get so serious about life and ascension that they forget to look up. Take time throughout the week to give yourself moments when you can experience joy and note the change in your vibration in that moment.

The Masters continue with their land clearing and blessing around the world. Turkey is complete and now they start on Kansas in the United States. You can read more here.

If you want to be on the free ascension list, email us at [email protected]


24th March 2016

Hilarion stepped forward for this weeks free ascension healing. Hilarion was healing heavy hearts.

Send us a photo of yourself to [email protected] if you want to go on the list. Each person stays there for about 12 weeks.

The night before this week’s Wednesday healings, Ascended Master Cha Ara popped in with a ‘remember me’ vibration. Cha Ara isn't one of the Masters we see a lot of, but he does work with Hilarion. The first time I met Cha Ara he was introduced to me by Hilarion. They both appeared as clearly as any other person in a body, though not as solid. Cha Ara gives the impression his last life was around Morocco. His skin appears as dark. He can appear in a black leather jacket and jeans or red Alibaba type pants with a white shirt. He can be seen wearing a red fez hat, he appears to be about 21 years, old and his hair is wiry and about two inches all over. He is a fun Master and he likes music. He is of angelic origin and a 5th ray Master - the green and orange ray of healing and knowledge. Cha Ara is a Master of great power and yet very gentle, a characteristic of the 5th ray Masters. Hilarion and Ptah both spring to mind as being like this, powerful with great heart and sensitivity. Cha Ara asked me to paint his aura colours and here they are for you to see; his aura starts with a dark green and filters down to light green.

Now for a complete change of topic. Waireti was instructed to acquire a very large, smoky point about five years ago. It is so large, Waireti and I have trouble lifting it together. Waireti was led to this specific crystal and was told by the seller it had come from Lemuria (New Zealand is part of the old Lemuria). The Masters told us it was meant to come to us in this time and had been downloaded with information that would be needed. We assumed it was for us and the work we were to do with the portal.

The crystal went to the portal and was there for some time. Then it was moved to the room where all the Master’s original portal paintings and their crystal portals were. Over the years, Waireti and I have individually and collectively been called to work with the crystal along with various Masters and the Masters have worked on the crystal as well. Waireti has now been told the crystal is ready and needs to move on to someone else.

There are twelve Ascended Masters (six female and six male) with the crystal which is now a huge portal. Ra-mun, a 7th ray Master and Chohan of the 7th ray before St. Germain, is the lead Master from what we can determine. We are not told what the crystal is for, but it is to go to a man and we feel he must be in New Zealand just because of the weight of the crystal.

To read more about the Ascended Masters - click here.


1st April 2016

April means spring and autumn for the northern and southern hemispheres, respectively. We are in a state of change here at the portal which goes hand in hand with April. Change is a 7th ray energy. One of the owners of the portal land passed away this week. We are happy she has gone to a non-3D reality, but also sad that she has left our lives. Waireti especially grieves her friend of many years. As we sat by her bed, Waireti watched her soul seat download all of its past lives into the Earth Star. She watched all of her karma download into the Earth Star and then watched her consciousness leave through her head. Her Earth Star will now store all of her karma and past lives until she is ready to be re-born back into body for another life. When this occurs, her past lives and karma will upload into her new soul seat and chakras. The personal and impersonal nature of death.

The Ascended Master healers in this week’s free ascension healing were in the order they presented themselves: El Morya, Cha Ara and Mother Mary. Mother Mary's energy was huge with her angelic origin shining brightly. The three Masters worked as a single unit this week (focus-healing-love as One), so those of you on this week’s healing list got a major dose of healing. The Masters show me each person wrapped in a spiral of green, blue and pink. If you want to be on the ascension healing list, just email me your photo at [email protected]. You can only submit yourself as it is ascension healing. 

As you can see, the graphic above says ‘expect miracles’. That is what life is like at the Ascended Masters portal here in New Zealand.

Many of you who visit the website don't realize all that manifests on the website is connected to the Ascended Masters and their portal. There is no other portal like this in the world. It is a unique creation of high vibration, created by the Ascended Masters for themselves and their work with humanity. From the portal, they are able to connect in ways they never have before, manifesting and bringing into creation what the laws of the universe allow them to. This portal is for them, and them alone, to work with humanity. This portal is created of the Father and brought down to earth by 108 Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters, Elohim, Archangels and Devas in union with the Mother.

All of the oils we have available on the website are created in the portal by the Masters. The Ascension Flame oils, grounding oil, the specific Master oils, Deva oils, and chakra oils are all a part of the wonderful miracles that occur here. They are miracles in that they are created by the Master’s hand and are unique vibrations not found anywhere else. Healings that happen at the portal occur within the Master’s vibration and within the high vibration of the portal. These are not channelled sessions. I (Verna) and Waireti have the gift of being able to transport you energetically into the portal’s healing temple where the Masters work on you directly. Our job is to bring you here and hold you here during the session. The Masters do the healing, not us. There is no channelling. We also have the task of buffering you while you are in the temple, so your vibration can withstand the Master’s energy. We serve the Masters and their work with humanity. When you are brought to the Ascended Master’s portal during one of the healings we offer on the website, you are being brought to a Sacred, Holy place. We are bringing you into a place of miracles.

Don't confuse the ascension temple and its vibration (which the Masters have created for humanity to use) with the high vibration of the portal that the Masters work in.

Now, on to something else. One of those who has passed the 6th initiation has approached me to sell an item on her behalf. She has moved from the 5th ray to the 3rd ray and feels she no longer needs this item. This has been confirmed by the Master. In the early days of the portal, Cha Ara (a 5th ray Master- see last week’s diary entry for more about him) created a link to this crystal, a bit like a phone line. It isn't a crystal portal, but more a connection device to bring the Master in close. Cha Ara tells me this is an excellent tool for healers to use in their healing practice. Remember, Cha Ara is on the 5th ray of healing.


7th April 2016

A glorious, translucent, emerald green was the colour of the portal for healing day. Hilarion was the only Master giving healing for the free ascension healing.

His healing was around letting go of the mind...letting go of all the energetic clutter we have in our minds that holds us back. He stood tall and clear in the portal, just Being. We get to be still and calm by letting go of all the head stuff that clogs up our lives. The Masters rarely talk, but when they do, they talk from the heart as the mind no longer resides in their being.

For those of you not on the free healing list, I suggest the following oils if you want to work on stillness of being and stillness of the mind:

Kuan Yin oil - Inner Peace and St John the Baptist oil - Mediation and Balance (stillness), and of course Violet Flame oil to remove dross. All three of these oils were made in the Ascended Masters portal by the Masters.

There has been a definite change in energy in the Ascended Master’s portal; my connection with the Masters has gone up a level. When I step into the portal, they seem to embrace me in their love on a deeper level and I feel so much more one with them. It’s like the energy of my cells is one with the energy of their cells. It is hard to describe…there is a deeper unity of connection and yet there is individuality.

As I'm sitting here thinking about what to write, Jesus flashes by and shows me he is wearing bright yellow. Waireti fills in the finer points saying it's a long toga. Four Masters are chatting in the portal at the moment: Jesus in his yellow toga, St. Germain looking like a purple version of Robin Hood (the tights are a must-see!), Lord Lanto in his usual tank top and loose pants, and St. Paul the Venetian in his usual immaculate attire. This is a common grouping of Masters except for St. Paul the Venetian. Some Masters meet together regularly, so an unusual grouping stands out. I have put a pretty accurate image of St. Paul the Venetian (shown above) and his portal painting. He is a third ray Master.


14th April 2016

Hilarion, Mother Mary, and El Morya were the healers this week. Waireti presented those on the free healing list to the Masters for this week for healing. She came back from the portal talking of how beautiful Mother Mary’s energy was; she said it felt like washing in love. Two weeks ago, we had El Morya, Mother Mary, and Cha Ara - again a 1st, 3rd, and 5th ray grouping. Focus, love, and healing are again the approach: washed with love by Mother Mary, focused and directed to where it needs to go by El Morya, and the finished healing application by Hilarion. They are a pretty good team.

I'm sitting here with Lady Nada, White Tara and Maha Chohan portal cards on my throat, heart and solar plexus positions. I'm not sure if they are in the right order or the right place, but I trust they will work it out. It's been a tough six weeks and while I feel I have coped well, I can feel my energy is pulled in very tight and that isn't good. So I took the top three Masters off the top of the Ascended Masters portal cards healing pack and put them close to my skin under my clothes; this is a sure way of them not moving too much. I can feel their energy flowing into me and through me. Lady Nada's energy is pouring out through my back. I've just added Kuan Yin to the back of my neck and I'm sitting on St. John the Baptist for balance. Lady Nada has been a favourite of mine for a long time and then suddenly, for no apparent reason, I started to feel an aversion towards her. This is a sure sign she was the one to help me through something I didn't want to face. So here I am, a walking card rack with energy flowing into me from five different Masters. I can feel my own energy slowly easing and becoming less tight. I can also feel the release on a muscular level. There is pain emerging in my arm which is a sign that something is releasing from the cellular memory of the arm. It is better gone that sitting in the cells.

I had an encounter with several negative people over the last few days. One particular man denigrated my mother, my children and me. His entire conversation was negative, but he did it with a smile on his face, LOL. I didn't respond or give him anything to work on and after he had gone, I still didn't feel anything. Today I wondered why I didn't stand in my power and give it to him with both barrels for talking about my family that way. The Masters said, "Because to engage is to play into his story. By being apart and not engaging you were in your power. He created much karma in 10 minutes and you created no karma at all. It is mastery of self when the actions of others no longer affect you". It still didn't stop my mind from questioning my own behaviour. Onwards we go; mastery of the mind is not easy.

Now I am turning that around to ensure that I have no negative actions and words that can affect others. Do you feel bad when you say or do something that hurts another? I work hard to ensure my words, thoughts and actions all come from the heart.


21st April 2016

Once more, Waireti presented those on the free ascension healing list to the Ascended Masters who gathered for today’s session. The Masters were Melchizedek, Dom Ignacio, St. Germain, and Archangel Michael. It is rare to see Archangel Michael step forward for these sessions. He is singing. The Masters are using sound more and more these days, especially with Waireti's sessions. Today's session is a definite ascension healing. The Masters show me a spiral staircase: some on the healing list are on different steps and the majority are just standing at the bottom as if they aren't sure what they are meant to do.

This is very common in ascension. There are so many modalities out there, that many think healing, working on themself, going to workshops, eating the right food, meditating and more in that vein is actually ascension. Many think the planet is ascending therefore humanity is too. Then there are all of the books, blogs, newsletters, gateways, numbers, planetary origins and changelings with propheciesof the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions, etc. to make it even more confusing. Each year brings a new fad and new thing to follow, so it's not surprising that so many are standing at the bottom of the ascension staircase with a confused and bemused look on their face. I feel burdened just writing it.

So, let’s make it simple: Ascension is a heart and karma thing.

Ascension is about the payment of your karma. Karma resides in the chakras and you have a percentage of karma and light in each of the seven major chakras. Initiations come according to the percentage of karma you have paid off versus the amount of light you have. When you have paid all of your karma, you leave the cycle of rebirth. As you ascend (meaning getting less and less karma in your chakras), the karma is replaced with Light. The greater the light in the chakras, the higher your consciousness is. Therefore, when you have paid all your karma, your chakras have 100% light and you leave the cycle of rebirth. All the knowledge, workshops and beliefs are merely window dressing to you paying your karma and not making more karma.

Then to the heart component.

A question came up this week asking how to find the Sacred Heart. This is an important part of the ascension process as after the 5th initiation. When all of your karma is paid and you are still in a body, you might want to work towards the next initiation.

The Sacred Heart is an essential part of the ascension process, for it is the pathway to the Holy Heart and from there to the Higher Self.

For those of you who don't know where the Sacred Heart is, I will repeat here a technique I wrote up:

Go into a meditative breath. Take your attention or awareness to your physical heart and feel it beating. Then take your attention to your heart chakra. No preconceived ideas just bring your awareness into this space. Then raise your awareness to the space in your body just above your heart chakra. No preconceived ideas, no expectations - just be. Just sit in this space with awareness. This is the Sacred Heart. Do this daily.

Some of you might see the Sacred Heart as a special and unique room or space. There is a sacred crystal that resides within the Sacred Heart in each person. At the 6th initiation, this crystal drops into the Earth Star and moves with the Star as it leaves its place from below the feet, moving up to above the 12th chakra.

In time, when you have passed the 4th initiation, allow your inner knowing to move you through the Sacred Heart to the Holy Heart. It may take some time to find. This is the pathway to the 5th initiation, higher initiations, and the Higher Self.

There is so much information on this site,it helps to use our internal Alpha Imaging search buttonfound in the menu bar. If you get taken to what looks like a different site that doesn't appear to work, that just means you found a live site we were creating as part of the upgrade. Click on the store button and you will be brought back to this current site.


27 April 2016

It is a Jesus healing day in the portal. Jesus took this week’s free ascension healing group. There is a lightness about his energy and this is what he was working with this week, lightening the load of those ascending. Release the breath, come up for air and know all will be okay.

This has been a ‘bitsy’ type of week, so the topics here are going to be bitsy too.

First off, the Masters have me painting, so the paints are out. Painting with the Masters always takes me somewhere else and coming back to reality isn't easy. Waireti says I am in the world at the moment, but not touched by it and I can see what she means. I can feel the edge of my aura is denser, like a hard shell, and I'm inside doing my own thing. Let’s see what these new paintings bring forth.

Vairochana is one of the Buddhas. He is also one of the beings who created the Ascended Master’s temple. He has been quiet since the creation of the portal until now; he made himself known on many fronts and he wants to be added to the 24-hour healing list. He has shown me he is one of the twelve Masters standing with the crystal portal that I talked about in the March 24th diary. (The man it is meant for still hasn't contacted us, by the way.) In our connection he showed me he wanted his personal crystal portal placed in the Ascended Master’s portal; this means he has a direct link into the earth via his crystal portal. For several days he worked with Mother Earth (Papatuanuku), working with her heart chakra.

He then asked me to talk more about him. He is a first ray Master and you can recognize him by his personal energy colours: the darkest of blue with a vermillion red edge and the blue and red flowing into each other. His energy is similar to Melchizedek as both are on the red and blue aspect of the first ray. He will be stepping forward to work with certain people around the world regarding their ascension. His aura picture is shown here.

The Masters continue the removal of entities from the land across the world, followed by clearing and blessing of the land. They have just completed the clearing and blessing of South Africa and Lesotho and last week they have started to remove entities from the land in Japan and Egypt. They tell me Egypt is one of the countries that holds past life ties for many and the clearing of the land will help to ease this burden in many.


4th May 2016

Waireti presented those on the free ascension healinglist to the Ascended Masters in the portal this week. The multidimensional nature of the Ascended Master’s portal in New Zealand is evident in the healing temple. When we stand in the portal, our feet are on the solid earth of this reality, yet we are transported into the beautiful temple. As we stand there, we present those on the healing list one by one to the Masters and they too are brought into the healing temple. This happens with the paid sessions as well. We bring the people to the Masters, not the Masters to the people.

Today’s Ascended Master healers were Melchizedek, Serapis Bey, Mother Mary, and Ganesh. Waireti said it looked like the Masters were blending the energies of each person. I went into the portal later to ask exactly what they were doing. Retrieval. They were bringing back to each person parts of their being that were left behind in various past lives and this life. Moving forward means moving forward completely and wholly with soul and energies united back into a single unit.

We are slowly upgrading the website. You can see some of the changes on our Meet the Master's page. It is much easier to use and more eye-catching with all of the Master’s portal paintings upfront. Some of the links aren't working yet, but we are getting there. The website is also smartphone responsive now. I'm told 50% of people using the internet now do it via their phone…wow. In keeping with these social trends, I am trying to be more active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you are interested, those links are at the bottom of the page in the footer.

We now have 72 people who have passed the 4th initiation with the Ascended Masters here at the portal and 27 people who have passed the 5th initiation. That last hurdle from the 4th to the 5th initiation can take some perseverance. Relax into the process and rejoice when the karma comes up for clearing, acknowledging its passing without attaching a story. The story creates anchors that can hold you back.

The portal paintings we show in Meet the Masters are actual paintings. When the Masters painted them through me, they did four copies of each painting. It would be one brush stroke repeated four times over four canvases, not four paintings done one after the other. I kept one of each portal painting and the others were sold to holders. This helped the Masters ground their energy into the physical so they could start building the Ascended Masters portal from there. A holder of one of the four White Tara original portal paintings has approached me and asked if I can sell it on her behalf. She is not in good health and knows it is time for someone else to step forward for this position of sacred trust. She is asking for offers over NZ$400.

I also have crystal portals of Jesus and St. Germain that have just come out of the Ascended Master’s portal. E-mail me if you are interested in them.


11th May 2016

White Tara stood in the Ascended Masters temple this Wednesday to receive those stepping forward for the free ascension healing. Her many colours swirled around the portal in a beautiful, gentle light show. Gorgeous!

Those receiving healing from her in this free session received healing from a single tendril of her energy. Imagine all of the people receiving healing standing in a circle with White Tara in the centre, her energy field a light display of coloured tendrils moving up and down and around her. A single tendril then wrapped itself around a single person and they were drawn into her energy field for healing. White Tara is an 8th ray Master so she embodies all of the rays. She was healing to each person’s need, so each person received the specific healing they needed from her. Beautiful. After the session, each person was left in the portal healing temple for a short time and they were administered by the Ascended Master’s support healing team. It was a special day.

White Tara still has a portal painting waiting to go to a new holder. As I wrote last week, the current holder of this original painting has said it is time for the portal painting to go to someone new to guard one of White Tara’s footholds in this 3D world. The portal painting is the same intensity of connection as a crystal portal. If you are interested email me at [email protected]  The picture of the painting is to the right.

When someone steps forward of their own freewill for healing from the Masters, the Masters don't judge. They accept all regardless of their karma, abilities, knowledge, sexual orientation and beliefs. They do not judge anyone. They see beyond any label humanity might have judged them by.

I have a Master from each of the eight rays standing beside me and contributing to this week’s writing: White Tara (8th ray), St Germain (7th ray), Pallas Athena (6th ray), Ganesh (5th ray), Serapis Bey (4th ray), Mother Mary (3rd ray), Kuthumi (2nd ray) and Thomas Merton (1st ray). 

You all have a Higher Self. That higher Self is either Alpha (male) or Omega (female). This will never change; your Higher Self has always been and will always be male or female. If you are here on this website reading this blog, then you have had thousands of lives, probably in excess of 15,000 lives. In those lives you have been male, female, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual, and handicapped (mentally, physically and emotionally). You have murdered, you have stolen, you have abused and been abused, you have raped and been raped, you have been both victim and aggressor, wealthy and poor. You have fought as a soldier and have been on the winning and the losing side. You have been every religion- Jew, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu, to name a few. You have been every race - Negro, Asian, Pakeha (white), Polynesian, Indian, to name a few. So, don't stand in judgement of anyone when you have walked in their shoes in a previous life. You may not remember every past life you’ve ever lived, but know judgement comes from the mind, not from the heart. In the heart there is no place for judgement.

If you judge someone today or tomorrow, don't look at them, but look to yourself, for your judgement is more about you than about them. It means you are manifesting from the mind and not from the heart. The mind has no place in the ascension process and neither does judgement.

It is a big step to look at your own judgements and prejudices and to let go of old beliefs that no longer fit in with your higher vibration as you ascend. This is a step you must make in your ascension process, for the world is moving to a place where peacekeepers are needed more than ever. Peacekeepers are people who don't stand in judgement, but instead come from the heart in all of their endeavours. Peacekeepers are Light-workers. Light-workers by definition work with light. What is light, if it isn't love? It is the foundation of ascension. 


18th May 2016

There are a few who read this diary entry each week and then realize the healing the Masters gave, or the topic we write about, was what they have been experiencing. It is so nice to see so many linked into the energies of the Masters regardless if they are on the healing list or not.

The Healing Masters this week were a trio we don't normally see together: Serapis Bey, Lao Tze and Paul the Venetian. Harmony, Joy, and Beauty. I can see they are a perfect group as I write this. Harmony is joy and beauty, Joy is harmony and beauty, and Beauty is harmony and joy. This gives you an idea of what was being healed this week.

We have been updating the website this week. As I slowly go through checking links, uploading graphics and checking text, the Masters are reminding me to do their aura paintings. It doesn't seem as important to me as having the links working, so we are having a compromise; I am doing one per day. The Deva of the 7th ray is shown here. Of course, add to this picture light, luminescence and sound.

As we worked on this painting of the aura of the Deva of the 7th ray, I was reminded that the Masters are energy and so are we. We aren't the physical bodies we inhabit, and our souls aren't the personalities we struggle with. I see the struggle many go through with body issues; they fail to see the beauty within and instead focus on the impure form created by genetics (a potluck of egg and sperm) as the soul once more returns to form. There is more to it than that, of course, but the reality is, very few people are happy with how they look. This is because they never get to see who they really are or their true beauty. Their entire lives are lived in the murk of the 3D world and its standards of beauty. So today, connect with Serapis Bey, Lao Tze and Paul the Venetian and meditate on bringing beauty, harmony and joy into your life by just allowing your light to shine in all you do, say and think.


25th May 2016

We have just introduced a new healing. Waireti and I are both excited by what we see occurring.

Dom Ignacio came to us with this healing about four years ago and we did nothing about it. He very patiently waited for us to come into line with his request. We aren't the fastest sometimes and the Masters must despair of us. This is a body balancing and harmonizing session. The Master will balance all the bodies which brings harmony to the energetic system. It is really a housekeeping session and lasts six hours. The bodies being balanced and harmonized allows for the Higher Self to be more present and for the soul purpose to be seen more easily. The perfect path is also more evident. Balance brings harmony to all of the Higher functions. We see that once the bodies are all in balance and harmony with one another, it’s like a switch goes on and the soul, chakras, soul purpose, karma, and perfect path all align and the momentum of ascension increases. We have seen that karma clears more quickly when all the bodies are in balance. You can read more about this healing in our store.

Hilarion is the sole Ascended Master healing in this weekfree ascension healing in the Ascended Master’s portal. The portal is a beautiful emerald green…a lovely, clear colour. Hilarion isn't one of the Masters who usually sings in the portal, but today he is singing during the healing session. All of those in today's free session are receiving attention to their throat chakra. We often need to speak our truth but lack the faith in self to speak up and speak out. This healing will hopefully help you speak your own truth.

Don't berate or judge yourself for speaking out. Many on the ascension path give themselves a hard time about the words that come out of their mouth. "I don't know where that came from!" is commonly said. Many are scared of hurting someone with their words and then judge themselves for speaking out. Hence, the throat chakra shuts down and gets tight. This silence allows others to speak instead, speaking the words that were yours. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to speak. Letting others speak on our behalf is giving away our power, so if someone refuses to talk on your behalf, thank them and claim your right to speak. If your words aren't heard in the way you intended, don't give yourself a hard time. Just as you care for the feelings of others, give some of that love and care to yourself. Personal power and the throat chakra are linked. Speak with love and respect to all and trust in yourself to speak with love and not ego.


1st June 2016

Each week we present those on the free ascension healing list to whichever Ascended Masters step forward to take the weekly ascension healing. This week’s Ascended Masters were Hilarion, Ganesh, and Ptah. Waireti said the portal was silent. This week’s session was about healing the mind.

It is very common to see and experience confused thinking when on the ascension path. I see it all the time and I have experienced it myself, as has Waireti. Let's call it the ascension mind. There comes a time when the gifts of seeing, feeling and knowing bring in vibrations that don't serve our highest good. These vibrations become a story that is not quite reality and this story can then plummet us into a place of confusion. Don't judge those you know who may be experiencing this, even yourself. Just help them to find their footing again in a loving and supportive way.

After the three 5th ray Masters (Hilarion, Ptah, and Ganesh) had finished their part of the session, Dom Ignacio stepped forward and sung those on the healing list into mental balance. His singing was very deep, and I felt it as a vibration in my head down into my jaw.

The new healing we recently introduced with Dom Ignacio for balancing and harmonising all the bodieshas been a huge success. Many have reported shifts and a balance within their life that is tangible. Waireti noted several people had leaps in paying karma quickly in the days following the session.

I have been working away with the Masters each week doing a few more aura paintings of the Masters. I add them to the section on the website about the Master’s auras as they are complete, but there is still a lot more to do.

Ganesh's portal painting above is free to print at the following link in 300dpi - Ganesh portal painting

8th June 2016

As I write this diary entry, the Ascended Master’s portal has this beautiful toning occurring by Dom Ignacio, Archangel Michael and St. John the Baptist. The sound enters through my crown chakra, down through my feet and into the earth. The Masters are sending a grounding vibration out through humanity. There are also 22 Masters standing in meditation; they are sending peaceful energy with the sound. The two vibrations are weaving their way around the earth and grounding peace into the Mother Earth. This is a wonderful example of the work the Masters do via the portal with the Mother Earth and humanity.

We have bought back the Twin Flame reading. We had so many requests that it just seemed like the right thing to do.

This week’s free healing in the Ascended Masters portal was a first ray healing - a blue and red day and the feminine and masculine aspects of God’s will and power. It was a personal moment for me as well. As the Masters appeared, I had a rush of familiarity as Melchizedek, El Morya and Thomas Merton stepped forward. Until I passed the 7th initiation, my rays were 1-1-3-1-1. So, four of my rays were on the first ray and these were my teachers. They reminded me that I am now a second ray soul and it is time I let go of my first ray family. They performed a quick little ceremony of release and I, in turn, released them. Letting go is a prevailing theme of the process between the 7th and 8th initiation.

That aside, the Masters tell me this week’s healing session was about personal power. Not power over someone else, but the power that comes from inner strength, belief in self, love of self and valuing self.


15th June 2016

Lots has come up this week for me to write about.

First, I have taken four new crystal portals from the Ascended Master’s portal yesterday. These are crystal portals of the Ascended Masters Mary Magdalene, Melchizedek, Jesus, and Hilarion. Jesus is the natural citrine, Hilarion is the smoky quartz with green tourmaline, Mary Magdalene is the quartz with lots of baby points at the base and Melchizedek is the rutilated point. We have more in the portal of other Masters - Mother Mary, St. John the Baptist and St. Germain. Hopefully, they will be ready by next week.

Also new to the store is the ability to request your own shawl or throw be made into a healing shawl, as sometimes we don't have what you are looking for. Some of the requests we get are for quilts to be made into a healing quilt, for example, and we are quite happy to do this. You can read more in our store.

We also had a request from the woman who sold her White Tara portal painting through us. She asks again for us to on-sell her Lady Nada portal painting. This is one of four original paintings that are used in the cards and prints and one of the portals the Masters used to build the portal here in New Zealand. Her health continues to fail, and she knows it’s time for others to step forward and take on the role of guardian and holder of Lady Nada's portal painting. If you feel drawn to step forward for this important role email me (Verna) at [email protected]

This week’s healing Master is Serapis Bey. He was accompanied by six white angels and I can feel their softness envelop me. Those on this week’s free healing list are being softened. We can get uptight, driven, focused, edgy, and angry in this world and softening just takes everything down a level, like taking a deep breath or two to become calmer.

The Masters have been reminding me of the topic of authenticity over the last few weeks. This topic comes up again and again. I have noticed many times in the last few weeks a person’s authenticity set aside to meet someone else's expectations. So many of us do this. When I was younger, I would get out the uniform of cocktail dresses and jewellery and accompany my then husband to one of his functions, tightly hiding the real me behind nonsensical talk to people I would never meet again, hating myself more and more each time for not being real. I look back and wonder, when did I claim my authentic self and drop the pretense? It was a gradual process. The more authentic I was, the greater my personal power became. The more I stopped worrying about what my husband and his acquaintances thought of me, the more "I" emerged. The more authentic I was, the more in my power I was and the more I loved myself.

Be in your heart. If you find yourself not being the authentic you, then you have moved out of your heart and into your head. When you are the authentic you, you are always perfect, no matter what the circumstance, whether it is at school, work or at home. If people don't like the authentic you, then they are the wrong people. Big hugs and much love to you.


22nd June 2016

It is pouring rain here at the portal. St. Germain always makes a joke of us standing in the rain with umbrellas as there is no rain where he is just dimensional steps away from us. It is done in such a brotherly fashion that we have to laugh.

The Masters who stepped forward for today's free ascension healing session were Melchizedek, Isis, Ganesh, and Dom Ignacio. This is a mixed group. They coloured the portal gold with luminescent and transparent pillars of blue, red, green orange and pink. Very pretty. 

St. Germain just popped open a candy pink umbrella and is sitting on a tall stool with the umbrella up, LOL.

I suspect he is trying to alleviate the serious nature of today's healing session. Do any of you look at yourself in the mirror and feel satisfied with the image that comes back to you? Do you look at yourself and feel love and compassion? Or are you critical of your face, your body, your behaviour, your thoughts and more?

The question is - do you judge yourself?

These four Masters have come together to heal those on the healing list for issues around self-judgment. We can be told we are beautiful on the inside and that our light shines bright, but that doesn't mean we stop self-judgment. The masters are here to help. If you weren't on the ascension list and this sounds like you, you can ask the Masters to help via their portal cards. Simply place their portal cards on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chakras for a personalized healing session. The order of the cards is not important. Click here for the portal cards. 

We have Ascended Master crystal portals about to go in the store in the next few days - Mary Magdalene, White Tara, St Germain, Melchizedek, and St John the Baptist. If you are interested, please let me know.

When you choose to have a crystal portal (regardless of which master crystal portal you choose), it isn't just a tool, it is a sacred trust. These portals are made by the Masters first to assist you in your ascension and in your life, but also to help humanity and those in your environment. The energy from a portal can fill an entire house, so all who enter the energy field are walking in the Master’s energy. 

The crystal portals can be used to heal yourself and others. Holding the portal in a healing session in the receiving hand is enough. The Master's work through the portal to help you in your ascension, teaching, and life. You commit to them when you have a crystal portal and they make a commitment to you too.

The crystal portals are sacred. They need to be respected as this is a doorway the Masters have created. Holding a portal is like holding the Masters's hand; they are present. To help the Master work, you can take the crystal portal to work, the mall, hospitals or any area where the Masters can work in a close way. 

The crystal needs to be cleansed periodically with Violet Flame spray. I suggest Violet Flame spray for cleansing all crystals, not just crystal portals. The spray cleanses crystals in seconds.Note that we have rearranged the store a bit and the Violet Flame spray is now with the Ascension Flame oils.

I've written a new blog on the Protection grid. Entities and psychic attack are one of those topics that many of the light prefer to ignore, most believing it has nothing to do with them. Sadly, we have found the brighter your light, the greater chance you have of attracting entities as they want to diminish your light and your potential. Click here to read the new blog on protection grids.

Lastly, the Lady Nada portal painting I mentioned last week is still available. This portal painting works the same as the crystal portals. There are only four of these Lady Nada paintings in existence and there won't be any more created. If you are called to look back on last week’s posting and want to talk about the portal painting with me, e-mail me at [email protected]


29th June 2016

Heart Hello to you,

I was driving to Auckland yesterday which is a two-hour drive to my destination. As I drove, my heart was open and all of the people zooming by were embraced in my love. All of those who entered my awareness received love. As I sit here typing, all I feel is love  - in me, from me and into me. It is a state of being. I wouldn't be in this constant state if it wasn't for the love, support and guidance from the Ascended Masters.

On Facebook this morning I read about someone removing toxic people from their life. I was aware of the cycle - we expel people from our lives, cut cords, cut ties, cease contact, unfriend from Facebook and so on - just so we can begin to heal, mend and smooth over our bruised ego and gather our self back into wholeness. Thanks to ascension, we then move to another level where all hurts are forgiven, and we take these people back into our hearts regardless of past pain. For we know they are merely acting from their own agenda, story and ego just as we were. In the end, our heart is open, forgiving and loving all regardless of who they were, are or will be.

So, when I sign my emails ‘Holding you in my heart’, I mean it. All of you who come into my sphere of awareness, whether it’s via email, requests, healings, readings, etc. all are held in my heart. My love to you.

I am here to help you ascend. Some days my heart hurts with the pain of others that comes with this connection, so I make sure it opens even more. The beauty of ascending with the Ascended Master’s help is that one day you will be where I am now. What would the world be like if everyone took those they encounter into their heart? The Masters do it daily.

On that note, this week’s free ascension healing was given by Dom Ignacio and Jesus, a lovely combination. Both of them love to sing so it isn't surprising that this week’s healing is about smiling from the heart. Lift up your heart. It is a dismal world out there, so brighten your day by heart smiling at what you see and what you encounter. A heart smile will help you lighten your energy. A heart smile is a soft and gentle smile of appreciation, gratitude, joy, and love.

Heart Hugs.


6th July 2016

Heart Hello! First, I want to share one of my daily joys. When photos arrive for healings, people are always smiling. I just went through a pile of photos from completed healings and every face was smiling at me. Of course, I smiled right back. What a lovely experience. 

The Ascended Master portal free ascension healing sessions once more had us going outside on a freezing New Zealand morning to present those on the free ascension healing list to the Masters. Lady Nada appeared this Wednesday morning, followed by Serapis Bey and then St. John the Baptist. The purple, white and blue auras of the Masters glistened in and accepted each person as I presented them for healing. This week’s ascension healing was to heal the inner child and bring them back into balance. We all have issues from our childhood that have an effect on us as adults. In a recent meditation session with my Higher self, I was transported back to the age of six. I remember having a friend who immigrated to Canada with his parents, and while I don't remember much about that time, the loss of a friend greatly affected my future relationships with people. A distant event with present day ramifications. In this week’s sessions, the Masters were healing events of childhood that impact the present.

Waireti and I joined forces recently to give a past life reading to a friend. We found we were able to give a deeper look into past lives with Waireti seeing the lives and the Masters giving the lessons and karma through my double crown. We could see how understanding the past helped our friend to understand the present and gain a deeper awareness of their ascension process.

In light of this, we are trialing an Ascension Past Life reading service. This isn't a reading about ‘who was I’; instead, we are looking at the lives that affect your ascension process. First, we take a wide look at all of your past lives, such as the total number, number on other planets, number of male to female, number of spiritual lives, ethnic groups and other factors that stand out. Then we look atthe five lives that most affect this life in terms of karma and lessons. Karmic lives aren't pretty, so don't expect a fun reading. This reading is to give you a deeper look at why you are like you are in this life. If you’re interested, you can read more about this reading in the store: past life reading.

We still haven’t had success on-selling the portal painting of Lady Nada. I suspect this is because Lady Nada doesn't want to leave where she is. At the moment, she is in a nursing home for the elderly doing beautiful work. The portal paintings are as strong as the crystal portals; they are a doorway for a Master to work with humanity. The Masters energy flows from the painting 24/7 out to the world. Hopefully, Lady Nada's portal painting can go to someone who can help continue her wonderful work, such as a healing room. Email me for details if you’re interested [email protected]


14th July 2016

Free ascension healing is always on a Wednesday starting at 9 am in New Zealand. Waireti presented those on the healing list this week. Ascended Masters Isis, Pallas Athena, and Lady Nada were there to meet her as this week’s healers, a trio of Masters from the 6th ray (the goddess ray). We have been inundated with orders for past life readings, so the Masters continued that theme and did some past life healing for those on the list.

We are getting wonderful support feedback of our 
past life readings. We’re not looking at the "who was I" lives; instead, we are looking at the past lives that are affecting this current life. We bring into each life the trauma and cellular memory of our past lives. This can affect how we think, act, and feel as well as our place in the world. Patterns of behaviour often come from past lives. We hope that by recognizing the origin of some of your karma and patterns of behaviour, and why your life is the way it is, that you can let go of the story of the present and the personal. You can read more about our past life readings here. Note, there is a 3-4 week waiting period at the moment due to demand. Of course, the Masters oversee the reading.  

This week, the Masters said the following: Ego restricts a person’s view of what is around them and restricts their life.

I had never thought of that before. Ego limits life, limits someone’s world view, limits choices, restricts thought, and tightens the heart. When the ego is great, the possibilities of life lessen. Thank you Masters. So how can we lessen the power of our ego? How can we be ego-less?

While we have a body, we have an ego. It is part of the human condition. The Masters once described the ego like this back in 2014: Think of yourself as a fishbowl. Into this put a goldfish. The goldfish is your ego.

We all have an ego. The fishbowl gets bigger and bigger as your vibration and consciousness rise, but the goldfish remains the same size. The ego never gets bigger or small, it just exists. This is the human condition. As you ascend, the influence of the ego gets less and less. So, it is not about taming the ego goldfish, but ascending beyond its influence. Similar to how the goldfish puts its face to the bowl, the ego can look bigger than it is and get more attention than it needs. Note to self - don't feed the goldfish. 

Check out the new 
crystal portals on the website – St. John the Baptist, White Tara, St. Germain and Melchizedek.  


21st July 2016

Heart Hello! I think I've jumped up and down up ten times this morning to let the dogs in and out. They can't seem to decide if they want to be in or out. That's a bit like life; we aren't always sure what we want and sometimes nothing feels right. We can feel like we’re walking in circles. If that's you, try this free technique the Masters gave me - The perfect path. It is free on the article page and will help you find a direction and sort yourself out.

Note the wording - sort yourself out. It is so easy to give our power away when we don't know what to do. Be in your power and live your life the way you want to.

make decisions for ourselves. I also suggest this free technique the Masters gave me to help you be more in your power - the Torus technique. It will help you link your divine mind, sacred heart and soul, which will keep you aligned to your soul purpose and higher knowledge. It is also a pre-meditation technique and one you can use to connect with the Ascended Masters in meditation. 

Meditation has come up a few times this week. If you are actively working on your ascension, you must learn how to meditate and take yourself into the stillness. In this space of stillness, you can communicate with the Masters and your own Higher Self. It is a very necessary tool for ascension. If you know how to meditate but need help getting to that deep stillness, I suggest St John the Baptist oil. St. John is a Master of Meditation and this oil takes me into the stillness in seconds.

St. John the Baptist was one of the Masters in this week's free Ascension healing sessions. He was joined by El Morya and Thomas Merton. All three of these Masters are first ray Masters, the blue, red and silver ray of God's Will and Power. Blue is the masculine aspect, red is the feminine aspect, and silver is the divine aspect of the ray. Each person on the Ascension healing list this week received healing from Thomas Merton, St. John the Baptist and then El Morya. Clearing, Balance, and Focus are all essential in the ascension process. Clear, balance, focus, clear, balance and focus.

We have introduced a new healing to help in the process - Balancing and Harmonising the bodies. This helps bring the bodies into alignment. It also helps with clearing, payment of karma, and focusing on the soul purpose.

We are also getting wonderful feedback about our new Past Life Readings.They are showing me that we are a jumble of our past lives and the past is the present. Every time we do a reading, I am amazed at the patterns that appear and are repeated life after life. Knowing this influence is possible, it makes it is easier to love and forgive ourselves and let go of the past.

I have changed the name of the Chakra reading to Ascension Reading as it seems to represent the expansion of the reading. In the beginning, we concentrated on the chakras. Now, now we include the following in the nine page reading: Earth star, core star, soul seat (size, shape and colour), dimensional lives, dimensional life Master, Ascension Master, Ascension ray, chakra colour (they can change as you ascend), chakra size, shape, speed, rotation, direction, position, and alignment (they take time to move in and out), chakra light (vibrancy) and how far it radiates in each chakra, Karma percentages in each chakra, initiation level, states of your bodies, diagrams of perfect position and radiance of the chakras, diagrams of what you look like with core star, earth star and soul seat. We also give your origin (everyone has an origin - angelic, reptilian or faerie). Finally, we make suggestions for your ascension. The main point of the reading is to provide a baseline from which to monitor your ascension process. It is a lot of information about the energetic you.

We see new people reading the website and the diaries each month. I attempt to keep the information fresh for those who have just found us, and for those reading my diary entries for years, so please forgive me if I revert back to how the portal was created.

The Ascended Master’s portal is a sacred space created by the Masters for the Masters. Waireti and I, not knowing what the Ascended Masters were intending, happily went step by step with them through the procedure.


27th July 2016

Waireti and I met about ten years ago we think. It may be more or less…we are terrible at keeping track of life events. We met at a workshop that ended up being pivotal, for it was there that I met many past life friends. I'm sure you’ve had similar experiences. After this meeting, my healing business and all my free service healing ended as I realized I needed a serious break and burnout was just around the corner. After a month of rest, the Masters appeared and asked me to help create their portals in painting (these are the paintings you see today as prints and cards on the website). There were 44 original paintings in all. These paintings were created by the Ascended Masters themselves by utilising my second crown chakra, which ensured none of my (Verna's) energy was in the portal paintings. So, the Masters stepped in and I stepped to the side.

Just as I completed the 22nd portal painting with St. John the Baptist, Waireti and I were told to take time off right away and go on a road trip. We didn't know where we were going. We followed the vibration of the road, turning left and right as directed. On the second day, we were up in the ranges of the Coromandel and were told to stop. There we saw a path and followed it, and after about fifteen minutes we were told to stop and dig. There we uncovered a large quartz crystal in two halves. We each carried a half out of the bush. 

Our next stop was even more special. We turned and went up a rough road with a river running on one side. Again, we were guided to stop and walk towards the river. While walking through a glad of trees, I found two flat stones. I was told to stand on them. Waireti said I disappeared. I returned 15-20 minutes later knowing some of what we had to do: the stones I was standing on had to come with us. 

LOL, what we didn't know was that they descended into the ground like a tooth. Getting them out was a battle and picking them up seemed impossible until Waireti told them to lighten so we could carry them, which they did. Getting them out of the car wasn't as easy though, lightening was a one-time only process.

These stones, along with other necessary items we found along the way, were the base for the portal to be built by the Masters, along with the 44 portal paintings of the Ascended Masters. After the initial months of setting the foundations, it took the 108 Ascended Masters three years to bring their portal down and anchor it into the earth. 

It was, and continues to be, a wonderful service and experience with the Ascended Masters. We learned that the Masters can't do things instantly and that layers of constructed energy take time and patience. The final portal is multidimensional; it has many temples and rooms and many doorways to other dimensions. We see some weird and wonderful Beings appear; some we have never seen before. The Light that radiates from them and the portal can be blinding at times. Ascended and Cosmic Masters are not limited to our world. They are in a multi-dimensional, multi universal brother-sisterhood.

The Masters are continually working in the portal. They work with each other and work to help humanity ascend. There are always groups of Masters working, singing, talking, praying, healing and playing.

This week’s free ascension healing was given by Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, both Masters of the 3rd ray of unconditional love. During this session, the portal was a lovely magenta embedded with a softer pink glow. This week’s healing was for kindness to self, kindness of thought and kindness of action to self. The Masters worked at healing those issues we berate ourselves over, those issues that hold us back from loving self. Kindness to self is just as important as kindness to others.


3rd August 2016

We’ve had a few deaths in the last year or so that have touched Waireti and I personally. This has made me look at rebirth in a very close and personal way. I have the type of personality where I question and reject so much information that comes my way, so it is a bit of an event when something sits right. I feel that my nature to question and reject information is one of the reasons the Masters chose me, so it came as bit of a shock when, after I related my experiences of watching several rebirths, someone said to me, “If someone else had said that I would have thought it was rubbish, but because it is you I believe it”.

I thought about this for days.  First, what I was saying may be taken as rubbish, LOL. Second, because I said it, it was believed. The feelings are still processing on that one. Third, how our belief systems are changing and how what was known as truths twenty years ago are now being replaced. The truth we knew last year isn’t the truth we now believe. Though, some still hold on tightly to their old beliefs and they refuse to allow for a changing universe. Rebirth is just an example of my changing beliefs.

When I first started to delve into spirituality forty-odd years ago, my teacher of the time told me, ‘When we die we get a period of time to heal, to serve as guides, and to review our last life and prepare for the next life’. 

However, the last few deaths I have watched have not lived up to this rule. The longest time before rebirth was three weeks and the fastest was last breath/first breath. This led me to realize how many babies are being born with ties to physical lives and people. Just as a birth is being rejoiced, somewhere in the world family and friends are mourning that same soul. As the child grows, the feelings of love and grief will still surround that soul. There is no time to heal from the last life and there is no preparation for the next; these children are not coming into their next life gently. Health problems must be part of their burden. They must release the old life before they can begin the new, yet there are people mourning as part of their last life and ties and grief still accompany them. So, what is the need for this quick turnaround from one life to the next? What has changed? That I don’t know. I have lots of ideas, but nothing is dropping in from the Masters as a truth.

The question is - what can the Masters do to help this sudden transition from one life to the next?  I have been shown all of this for a reason, now let’s see where it leads.

As Waireti and I delve into the past lives of others in our Past Life reading, we get to see how the past is the present and how patterns of behaviour are repeated life after life. We see beliefs such as, ‘I'm not worthy’ and patterns like, ‘I have no friends’ and fears connected to self and others. All of these beliefs have a basis in past lives. Knowing we are our past helps to heal the present. 

This week’s Ascended Master healers in the weekly free ascension healings were the Cosmic Masters Ganesh and Ares. Ares is a god of War and this is the first time he has stepped forward for these free sessions. He came to assist those on the healing list to be personal warriors in their own lives. His personal power and inner strength are immense and he imparts this to those on the healing list. Ganesh worked first with everyone to heal the ‘I'm not worthy’ feelings and self-doubt that can arise. The inner warrior needs to know he is worthy on every level.


10th August 2016

Today is a Jesus, Lord Lanto and Lao Tze healing day in the Ascended Master’s portal. It is a happy joyous day. These three can laugh up a storm and my energy lifts just thinking of them conducting this week’s free ascension healing. The fairies are dancing in the portal and smiley faces are floating around too. They know all about emoji's and now they are popping them like balloons. Happy fun. If you are on today's healing list, hopefully some laughter bubbles are rising in you too.

Now we want to talk about the names of Ascended Masters.

I want you to contemplate the names of the Ascended Masters - Mary Magdalene, St. Germain, Paul the Venetian, Jesus, Hilarion, and St. John the Baptist, to name a few. You will recognise these are the names of the lower self while in body, just as you now have a name that identifies you in your life.

We all strive to know the name of our own Higher Self but ignore the true names of many of the Masters. When these Masters were in body as Mary Magdalene or Paul the Venetian, we should ask ourselves what the name of their Higher Self was. It wasn't Mary or Paul. Therefore, many Higher Selves are presenting, not as themselves, but as a known life. Usually, it’s not even a last life, but a known life of one of their dimensional souls.

We know Mary Magdalene didn't ascend in that life. Is her Higher Self male or female? What is the name of her Higher Self? We talk about being authentic and so do the Masters; they discuss presenting as their authentic selves. Much of this started when they first appeared and said to Waireti, ‘You will know us by our colours’.  Hopefully we will be told the Higher Self names in time. An easy one we already know is Jesus Christ, Christ being the name of Jesus’ Higher self.  I keep this going with Verna Maru-ata - Maru being the name of my Higher self and ‘ata’ means the dawn of. This fits nicely as he is just coming into the Being he is.

For those of you who are new to this blog, note that I am female, but my Higher Self (Maru) is male. Don't assume your Higher self is the same sex as you. After all, you’ve had many lives as both male and female.


17th August 2016

I had a lovely e-mail conversation with a lady who sees and hears angels singing. What a beautiful gift! I am told the sound is pure and beautiful. She heard distinct words this week and one of those words was ‘angel’. She said they pronounced it differently and the emphasis was on the last syllable, an-gel. Like hair gel. An-gel. I have adopted this new pronunciation. So much softer.

In keeping with this, the healers for this week’s free ascension healing in the Ascended Masters portal were St. John the Baptist (blue first ray), Archangel Jophiel (yellow second ray) and Archangel Chamuel (pink third ray). This week’s healing was with the energies of the threefold flame. I am told they work with the aspects of strength, compassion and humility, all aspects of the recognized three flames of the three rays (power, love and wisdom). It was a lovely healing for those on the free ascension healing list.

I want to share with you a little exercise I found beneficial. I put it in my newsletter this week and the positive feedback was off the charts. Most of the responses were ‘I needed to hear that’ and ‘Perfect timing’ which is why I share my personal experiences. Someone will need to hear it. Not everyone and not everyone at that time, but to those who silently (and not so silently) said thank you, you touched my heart. Heart to heart is a perfect way to help humanity.

Here is the technique: give yourself five minutes of being still. In those five minutes, I want you to send love to yourself. No words, no affirmations, no thoughts, just love.

We spend so much time on others we forget ourselves.

If you do this as an exercise daily, feel how your cells respond. Feel how all of your bodies respond. Everything responds positively to the vibration of love, so don't leave yourself out of the experience. With these daily sessions of love, you will start to feel different about you and your place in the world. Watch how you become more positive and less negative, a sure way to make less karma.

Do this also when negative thoughts of self arise. Stop and send yourself love.

Loving yourself starts with the simple act of sending yourself love.

I've done a few more aura pictures of the Masters. The Masters say, ‘You will know us by our colours’. Here are a few for you to see.

Anubis has three golds in his aura. Anubis is a 6th ray Master, the goddess ray and the ray of devotion. 

Amen Bey is a fourth ray Master. His aura is clear in the centre, then white with the edges in orange. So, when he stands with someone as ascension Master, their ray colours will be white with an orange wash.

We recently had a lady come to us via the website. She shared with me a technique she uses with the Masters that I like a lot. If you are energy sensitive, you will like it too. With her permission I am sharing it with you. First, consider the fact that each person has an Ascended Master with them or watching over them at least. So if you encounter a situation that is negative or highly charged, or if you enter a room that is heavy in vibration, call on all the Masters with all of the people in the situation and ask them for help - i.e. lighten the mood, lighten the energy, calm the situation, etc. Don't ask just your Ascended Master team, but the Ascended Master team of all present. I'm told it works a treat. I haven't tried it, but I feel it must work. Try it with arguments in the home, children fighting, work issues, etc. I'd love to hear your experiences with it.


25th August 2016

St. John the Baptist and St. Germain - pale blue and violet, 1st ray and 7th ray, balance, and change. These were the healing Masters this week for the free ascension healing. How do we stay balanced amid change? It is a challenge for sure. Ascension is about constant change. We are continually clearing, releasing, healing, letting go, raising our vibration, raising our consciousness, and letting go of old systems and people that no longer fit into our changing paradigm. In the midst of all of this change, we strive for balance, harmony, inner peace, focus and direction. Phew. It is a bit of a juggling act, but you aren't alone. All those who actively ascend and who are awake are going through this process too. So, if you are stuck in your change, call on St. Germain. If you are finding balance or meditation hard, call on St. John the Baptist.

Here at the portal, it is common for the Masters to be seen in little groups talking. We have many wooden seats and there is usually a Master sitting on at least one of them. One of these is a rustic seat which we never use and is more for decoration than comfort. I've noticed the ants have a fascination for it, so it puts me off sitting on it. The other day, St. John the Baptist and Jesus were sitting on it in quiet conversation. My first thought was, ‘the ants can't bother them’ and the second thought was, ‘of course they are family!’

How many Masters get to sit and chat and work with family members, making the St. John, Jesus, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene group all the more special. During their conversation, there was a Lady Master day in the portal too. They were all standing around chatting, a bit like ladies out for coffee. Friends. At times like this, we realize it isn't all work for the Masters, sometimes they just need to hang out and socialize with friends. As do we all!

Friends and Family are all so very important in our life journey, no matter what our stage of ascension is.


31st August 2016

Sometimes I sit down to write the diary with absolutely no idea of what to write, trusting the Masters will step forward with suggestions for content.

The free ascension healing this week was conducted solely by St. John the Baptist. The portal had a lovely and peaceful energy. Once he received all those on the healing list, he went into a deep meditation session and is still sitting in meditation now. Just by tuning into him, I feel myself being pulled into the session. It is powerful and deep. St. John is a master of meditation. If I have trouble stilling my mind, I call on him and I'm deep in meditation in moments. His oil, "Meditation" will do the same.

We’ve had another wave of those ascending with the Ascended Masters pass various initiations. As of now, 83 have passed the 4th initiation, 38 have passed the 5th initiation, 29 have passed the 6th initiation, and 4 have passed the 7th initiation. It is a wonderful personal achievement for all of them. While the Master's help and support via their healings, oils, and portals, it is the individual who pays the karma, meditates, and moves into a state of compassion so their words, thoughts, and actions are all heart-based. This helps them be in their personal power. Ascension is all about you. It takes focus and dedication to pass these higher initiations. Ascension can be a lonely path for these higher initiations. 

If you want to know what you can do for yourself to help in this higher ascension process, start to be conscious of the karma you make every day with your thoughts, words, and actions. Judgements, (thought and spoken), create karma. Negative thoughts, words, and actions create karma. Stop yourself from judging and stop your negativity. Work to come from a place of love in everything you say, think and do. The vigilance of self. Not of others, but self. You ascend through your own efforts for you. Ensure you make less karma each day.


8th September 2016

Heart hello to you, especially all of you who come back each week to read my entries and to join our ascension journey with the Masters.

Our portal dogs have given us a good laugh this week. Tess, our chocolate Labrador, often follows Archangel Michael around when he appears, but this week it has been Jesus’ turn. Jesus was sitting on the couch and there was Tess; her head was plonked on the couch between his legs and she was making adoring and pleading eyes, meaning ‘scratch my ears please’. She hasn't been well, so she probably wanted some healing too. It is quite common here at the portal to have the Masters entwined in our lives like this.

This week's free ascension healing in the Ascended Master’s portal was conducted by Pallas Athena and Serapis Bey. This healing was for angst, worry, a disharmony - all of those patterns of behaviour, both mentally and emotionally, that can put us out of balance and discombobulate our cells. Ooh, I can feel the energy all of those receiving healing in the portal are giving off. Not pleasant at all. It's amazing how our thoughts and feelings can send our bodies out of balance with each other. Not much goes right when that happens, and we then infect others with our negative words, feelings, and actions.

Balance and harmony are so important, not just for ascension, but for life. Balance in our thoughts, feelings, actions, diet - everything. This gets easier as we ascend, but the attention to balance is always needed.

So, what can you do to help you? Trust - Allow - Forgive - Let go - Accept - Love. 

Here is an example- you are at the supermarket and the checkout operator is rude to you. What do you do? You can be rude back and perpetuate the negative energy, or you can get hurt and take the negative energy inside you. No thanks to both of those. Or, you can consider she’s having a bad day and is transferring her negative experiences onto you. You don't want to be pulled into her drama, so acknowledge her drama isn't yours. Forgive her behaviour, let go of any pain she may have caused in you, and send her love so she may heal too. That is easier said than done, but with conscious effort it is possible to stay balanced around others who are not.

How can the Masters help you with balance? The obvious Master is St. John the Baptist. He is a Master of balance and he has his oil "Balance". Kuan Yin has her oil "Inner Peace" which is again balance. Then there is the Master’s balancing and harmonising of the bodies’ healing, but this is best when all of the other bodies are cleared and healed first.

Blessings on your week ahead and I'll connect with you again next week. If you haven't ever signed up for the free ascension healing, give it ago. Just email me at [email protected]


14th September 2016

This is an exciting day in the Ascended Masters portal. In this week's free ascension healing we have Eros, the 6th ray god of love and a group of Deva's of the ruby flame. This is a first for us to have Deva's of the flame present in a healing session. The last time the Deva's of the flame were present was when they helped the Masters make the Ascension Flame oils - Violet flame oil, Blue Flame oil, Green Flame oil, Pink Flame oil, White Flame oil, Ruby Flame oil and Yellow Flame oil. A Deva is the animating force behind all of creation. The example I usually use are the Salamanders - the Deva's of fire. For fire to exist the Deva must be present.

The Flames exist as part of the rays. The best example is the Violet Flame - many of you will call upon the Violet Flame to transmute energy, both internally and externally. The Violet Flame is part of the 7th ray, the violet ray of transmutation and change. So here we have Eros, a 6th ray Master, which is the ray of the goddess and of devotion, working with the Deva's of the Ruby Flame the flame of the 6th ray. The Flame itself when seen actually is ruby with a gold edge and a purple centre. This week's healing session was to animate the goddess within all of those on the healing list, yes even the men in the healing session. Hence Eros being present to bring balance. Goddess energies are one of compassion, personal power, honouring of self, plus Eros' personal mission - love of self.

For the last few weeks, I have been meaning to bring up the topic of despondency. Despondency has an energy all of its own. I feel despondency has a touch of hope, not quite making it to hopelessness. Waireti and I were in Rotorua a few weeks ago (a tourist town here in New Zealand). The town has a despondent energy. A few years ago, the town was alive and buzzing, the city centre was revamped and looking wonderful. This last visit there was a definite change. Waireti and I have both lived in Rotorua for many years and felt saddened by the change. We went out to dinner on the first night there and quite a few of the restaurants together in a row, all were busy except for one. No one was in it. I said to Waireti we need to go in there, they need us. I could feel the despondency coming off the restaurant in waves. This energy of course contributed to keeping people away. They were in a despondency cycle. The next day walking through the town Waireti disappeared from beside me, I found her in a shop with a young couple, talking up a storm. The despondency again came in waves. Waireti left with a bag full of goods she didn't need. We did this several times on our visit. Just popping into where we knew we were needed, spending money on things we didn't need, but helping those along the way. The next time you see an empty restaurant when others are full around it, don't follow the crowd, but give help where it is needed. If you feel waves of despondency coming from a shop, help them - a few kind words, sending them love, buying something or what comes to you in that moment. We can serve in so many little ways.

If this is you, and you are feeling despondent or your business isn't doing well, spray Violet flame spray around your shop, office, desk and your aura to help clear the energy. Put up some of the Deva portal prints like Joy to help bring in a different energy. Change the energy to change the situation.


22nd September 2016

Heart hello,

I was reminded today how much our perspective changes as we ascend. Looking at something from the 3rd or 4th initiation is so different than looking at it from the 6th and 7th initiations. I can't even explain the difference…perhaps wider and clearer.

I'm reminded of imagery I’ve seen as each cycle passes. Imagine a spiral. As you do a rotation of the cycle, you find yourself back in the same place, only a step above. So, you still see the same things, only from a higher perspective. The higher the view, the clearer the picture.

I feel like I sit here in my office in a hub and you all email me your experiences, sharing from a heart level and knowing I respect your sharing and where you are in your ascension process. Today I take some of what you’ve shared and lay it out so I can give a view from my turn of the cycle.

Everyone has abilities that are their own. You may be clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and/or a see'er (you might see beyond the physical, hear beyond the physical, or feel/know beyond the physical). Then there is smell and other lesser known gifts. None of these are greater or lesser gifts, though some erroneously think ‘seeing’ is the pinnacle. Your gifts are yours. You may see, hear or feel in realms and dimensions not of the physical or perhaps you see, feel and hear in the physical at levels beyond the norm. Regardless, we are all aware there are other realities beyond us.

As you stand where you are, imagine around you in your room the overlaps of the following:

  • The reality your guides live in - (guides meaning those who still have lives to live, but stand beside you for a while)
  • The reality of those who have passed over and come to visit
  • The reality of the Ascended Masters
  • The reality of the Devas
  • The reality of the Faeries
  • The reality of spirit animals
  • The reality of the Angels
  • The reality of the Reptilians
  • The reality of entities
  • The astral plane
  • The darker realities
  • Energy that takes form (such as thought energy amassing)
  • Feeling overlays (i.e. room energy)
  • Time realities

As you sit here reading this, take your gift (seeing, hearing, feeling or another) and see which of these realities your gift works in. Is it more than one? As you ascend, your gifts will increase as will your interconnections with these realities. One reality is not greater or lesser and they exist in their own reality. Seeing Ascended Masters is not better than seeing Devas, for example. The gift is the same, the difference is the reality. Knowing/feeling the Devas is not greater or lesser than feeling/ knowing the Ascended Masters. Just as hearing the Ascended Masters is not greater or lesser than seeing them.

There seems to be a discrepancy between the great ego/desire and for a single gift to great despondency/negativity about a gift. What you have is yours, accept it and move on. Your gift is not your reality, it is an addition to your physical world and life. Your reality is the ascending spiral - ascension within this physical world. All of these gifts and realities exist, but don't let them be a path as that is a dead end.

The Ascended Masters are not a path, they are helpers on your path. Seeing, hearing or feeling their energy isn't going to help you in your ascension, just as reading endless books and acquiring knowledge isn't going to help you in your ascension. That is all just extra to the experience. In the end, ascension is first about clearing all of your karma, so you can leave the cycle of rebirth at the 5th initiation. Once that has occurred, ascension is about clearing all of the dross, cellular memory, fears, patterns of behaviour and thinking that exists within your energy field from this life and past lives so your Higher Self can manifest from a pure vessel.

It is from that point that you and your Higher Self will be ascending together for a short while in the overall scheme of time and ascension.

We are here to help you on your path, but the journey and the power are yours.

This week's free healing was given by Serapis Bey. He rained purity of energy on all those receiving healing and helped wash away some of the dross those on the healing list were ready to release.


28th September 2016

The graphic you see here is a portal painting of the Ascended Master Isis. She is a goddess of the 6th ray - the gold, purple and ruby ray of devotion and the goddess. Isis stepped forward for the free healing this week in the Ascended Master’s portal.

I asked her what this healing was for. She gathered all of those on the free healing list into her arms and cradled them close; I watched as she soothed, comforted and healed. The portal was a wash of gold with a periodic wave of purple or ruby. Very beautiful. As I sit in her energy and feel her close, I am reminded of her angelic origins and see flashes of colour across her back. Her angelic form still a part of her energetic field. Beautiful.

When sitting quietly with my Higher Self one morning, he showed me a reptilian of the 2nd ray. This was interesting in that I was given a very close up visual of this reptilian’s eyes, skin, nostrils, and nose. This was a young reptilian Master of the 2nd ray.

All of the rays have differentiations in the shades of colour that represent different lineages. The pale yellow shade of my Higher Self means he is on the warrior aspect of the second ray and this reptilian Master had a yellow aura of the same colour. His eyes were yellow, and his reptilian skin was the yellow of the ray coupled with white. He was so clear; I could see the detail and texture of his skin. My Higher Self and the reptilian are Ascension brothers as they have the same Cosmic Master teacher, Ares.

I am relating this experience to show how the Ascended Masters, like us, have an origin that is angelic, reptilian or faery. There is no good or bad . These three origins are part of our ascension process; your origin is either angelic, reptilian or angelic. The origin of my Higher Self is angelic, so by association, I am too. My Higher Self is still learning and still ascending. His teacher is Ares. The reptilian he showed me is also the Higher Self of someone, and when they pass the 6th initiation, they will be on the same shade of the 2nd ray as me and my Higher Self. They will also have the same teacher. Unity across origins exists on the higher levels of ascension and that is mirrored in our lives. All those around us have an origin. It isn't good or bad, it just is.


5th October 2016 

Isis returns this week for another round of Wednesday’s free ascension healing. She is joined by Jesus, a lovely duo. Isis’ gold and Jesus’ buttery yellow blend beautifully and harmoniously through the portal. Waireti presented everyone on the healing list this week. In preparation of writing the diary, I sat down with them earlier today and asked what they wanted me to write about and what were they healing. Sadness was this week's focus. I see them giving support around the heart chakra, holding each person as they release.

So, this week we are talking about working with the Masters and their tools. Here is an example. I work only in the portal with the Masters and no longer give hands-on healing, but this week a friend asked for help with her back. First, I rubbed on Violet Flame cream to remove the cellular memory of the pain from the cells. I wiped the cream off after about ten seconds, reapplied, waited ten seconds, and wiped the cream off again. Then I gave hands-on healing to her back for about five minutes and got the Masters healing shawl and wrapped it around her. The next day, she told me the pain was gone. I'm reminded by the Masters that this is a technique any healer can do. It is a combination of the Master’s products, which they make in the Ascended Master’s portal, and a person's own innate gifts. The Masters are here to work with you.

Our ascension numbers are rising. Those passing the high initiations with the Masters, using the Master's products and healings, are increasing every month. The tally is:

  • 83 have passed the 4th initiation
  • 40 have passed the 5th initiation
  • 32 have passed the 6th initiation
  • 4 have passed the 7th initiation

We are finding for those who used the oils, had most of the healings and belong to the closed Facebook support group, that the period between 5th and 6th initiation can be as quick as three months. This is amazing. I am blown away. I feel the Masters have major work in mind for these people of high vibration, but the Masters never reveal an entire plan at once, only step by step. This ensures the ego is kept at a minimum. Of course, the ego lessens as we ascend.

I do want to stress that the Master’s healings and products are only tools to help you along your path. Your journey is yours, unique and beautiful, and we want you to be in your power every step of the way.


13th October 2016 

Spring has arrived here at the Ascended Masters portal. It is my favourite time of year when we see the renewal of life. We have lots of fruit trees, nut trees, ornamentals, bulbs, and shrubs. Each year, Waireti and I are in a state of Christmas as we discover an old friend returning for the summer with blossoms or leaves emerging. We have a major vegetable garden; the winter crops are finishing and being pulled out and the raised beds are being prepared for the summer crops. Waireti and I have our usual abundant supply of seeds germinating in the greenhouse. Waireti does the vegetables and I do the flowers. No one can rival Waireti's tomato indulgence. I think she has 24 varieties this year. She’s always curious about what we’ll have if she crosses this one with that one, LOL. We make our own sauces and relishes from them. The photo is from one of our cherry trees.

I went into the portal for healing day on Wednesday and the faeries were everywhere. They were all over me. I thought at first it was going to be faerie healing day, but no, they were working in the portal. It was a special moment for me. The healing Masters for this week’s free ascension healing were Melchizedek, St. John the Baptist and Thomas Merton. The Masters looked at each person on the list and chose something the person needed to look at to the core, to the root. The Masters helped bring this core issue to the fore. Sometimes we actually have to see something in truth to release it or heal it.

I received an email this morning from someone wanting to know my interpretation of the meaning of 1.11 or 11.11, following onto 2.22, 3.33 etc.

Just yesterday I looked at the time and it was 1.11. Again, I wondered about all of the times in the day and why certain times pull us into this synchronicity. And this isn't just a few people, this is a worldwide phenomenon. How many other people in my time zone looked at the time at the exact same time as I did? This morning I asked the Masters what this means as their awareness is so much greater than mine. Please understand when the Masters teach, it happens in seconds, like a downloaded file with sub-files. I get the meaning all at once and understand it. There is no long-winded lecture, it just arrives. The long part is for me to put it into words.

They explained humanity is beginning the process of initializing unity and harmony.

To bring this into context, in the Vedic teachings, humanity rises and falls in a system they call the Yugas. Explained by Ascended Master Yogananda and his teacher Sri Yukteswar, these Yugas (there are four of them) start at the golden age (Satya Yuga) and over 12,000 years descend into the dark ages (Kali Yuga). Once humanity reaches the turning point in Kali Yuga, the rise begins back up to the Golden age again. These two Masters teach that we are now in Dwapara Yuga on the upward rise, having reached the base in about 500AD. This was when spirituality was at its lowest and humanity was in its darkest period. Dwapara Yuga started about 1700. This rise can be seen by the blossoming of technology and huge advancements since. Humanity’s awakening is now occurring too.

At the height of the Satya Yuga, humanity was one in a unified field and in a state of peace, a golden age. As the yugas progressed in their cycle and time passed, humanity started to splinter away from the unified field until the field was gradually disabled and each person was energetically alone.

Now in Dwapara Yuga, we are starting the rise once more towards Satya Yuga, in the never-ending cycle. Those spiritually aware are now, in a minor way, linking into the potential of humanity in that their energies are starting to synchronise to a single moment in each day. It’s a baby step, but it is the spark of the potential of humanity.

There are still over 10,000 years to go until the next pinnacle of Satya Yuga. If you look, you will see other signs of change. For example, gifts are starting to awaken and return to people. The gifts of sight have been on the rise this last year - seeing angels, seeing into other dimensions, seeing faeries, seeing spirit, hearing, hearing the angels, hearing across time. Humanity is starting to move beyond its limitations.

So, if you see 11.11 or 1.11 or other numbers like this, you know you are part of humanity's awakening towards their potential.


21st October 2016

The time after the 7th initiation is a hard time. Waireti and I battle energetic exhaustion as it lays upon us in the physical. Don't mistakenly believe as we ascend the physical body copes well with the Ascension process - it doesn't. As the eons pass, the physical body will eventually adapt to the greater energies that will pour into it, but for this time in the ascension process on our beloved Mother Earth, our physical bodies struggle with the energy that pumps through them in greater quantities as we ascend. Our bodies will struggle despite endless preparations made by us to prepare for this rise in vibration.

This is one of the reasons we have the Ascended Master healing shawls. At the moment, I am a healing shawl advertisement. I'm sleeping with one, wearing another through the day and collapsing on the couch at night with a healing rug. One is also over the back of my office chair for another dose. I need all the support I can get. I have personalized oil for support and personalized crystals to help me as well. Without these, I don't know how we would cope. 

We have a fresh batch of healing shawls on the website that are mostly geared for the oncoming colder months in the northern hemisphere. There are some cooler ones there too. We have some lovely fine wool, wool/silk blends and wool/cashmere blends, some brighter colours and some lovely, muted shades. Click here to see.

Over the last year, the Masters and I have been testing personalized crystals. The Ascended Masters create support and manifest needed traits into these crystals. We’ve tested these crystals with a variety of people and have had excellent feedback, so now I’ve put these crystals into the store. There are three crystals per order. Ganesh is leading this new venture; he looks at each person and chooses three crystals that suits the person’s vibration. These crystals are then placed in the Ascended Master’s portal for at least a week to be imprinted with energy and calibrated to the person’s vibration. These are another means of support for your ascension journey. Click here to read more.

This week’s free ascension healing in the Ascended Master’s portal was with Hilarion, St. Germain and St. John the Baptist. Green, violet and blue filled the portal. This was a masculine healing day and they tell me they were healing with the divine masculine. The god energy is suppressed or too strong in some people. They worked from the male aspect to bring balance and integration.


26th October 2016

This week has just flown by. Here we are once more with the weekly free ascension healing in the Ascended Master’s portal. This week St. John the Baptist, Paul the Venetian and Lao Tze stepped forward for healing day, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ray Masters. I see the Masters plaiting or braiding energy - balance, love and joy are being woven into the energy field of those on the healing list.

Each week I get emails from those just starting their ascension process with us, asking questions on ascension. I need to think of a better system to have these answered already on the website, as I'm sure others want to know the answers. The first question was about starting to actively work on their ascension with the Ascended Masters. What can they do for themselves?

  • The Torus technique was given to me by Sanat Kumara. This technique will connect you to your Higher Being and higher aspects of self - Divine Mind, Sacred Heart and Soul. If you practice this technique whenever it comes to mind, you will find you are in this higher state all the time as you reconnect with self. This technique is also a vehicle for traveling to higher planes. It is also a means to connect with the Ascended Masters and those within your meditation group for a deeper experience. This technique was a major part of my ascension process and one I still use daily to connect to the Masters clearly. Read more here.

Another question requested I talk about the 3rd and 4th initiations where many of you are. I have promised an article on this for such a long time, so today I hunted out my notes around these initiations. These two initiations happened quite a few years ago. Here is a summary:

3rd initiation

The third initiation occurs when a person has paid 60% of their karma (karma that is held within each chakra). Therefore, each chakra must be 60% of its total potential light and must radiate all of this light in balance. If you don't radiate the light, the initiation won't come upon you. At the third initiation, you have started the process into full light, and you are more light than darkness. 

For me, the process unfolded like this, however, let it be noted that each person's experience is unique to them and this is by no means how everyone's initiation will occur.

  • It started with my spine. I felt it flame from base to crown chakra.
  • My brain started to feel strange.
  • I sat to meditate and with the first breath, I was taken from my body to a Pyramid in some reality.
  • A Being appeared. There was an orb above his head, a falcon beak on his forehead, and wings behind his back. All of this looked like it was a costume. I attempted to bow, but he took my arm and said, "don't do that, you are me and we are one". He told me his name was Ra-mun. I saw and heard the name written and said. I saw coloured hieroglyphics in green, yellow, red and blue.
  • I was then taken to the apex of the pyramid. There he put a star tetrahedron into my heart chakra. This was accompanied by intense pain in the heart chakra and this pain lasted for about three months. I have heard that others experience this pain, though some do not.)
  • The symbol of the star tetrahedron is part of the journey from below to above.
  • I also feel that if your twin flame is in body in this life, the link is awakened at this initiation.

4th initiation

First, I had a dream. It was a normal dream, but I felt an inclusion was inserted into this dream. I’m in a crowd and a blond woman whispers in my ear, ‘The fourth initiation is close’. The initiation began a week later, and it came in four stages:

  1. At 11 minutes to 11 (10:49am), a diamond appeared above my head. This diamond was two pyramids with the bases together, not the gem. It was blue with yellow edges. The sides were concave, and the edges were smooth, not sharp. A diamond also appeared in the heart chakra and another in the third eye. By 11:11 am the process was complete.
  2. At 10:49 pm (11 minutes to 11pm), there was a change in vibration. The bodies all went through a change in vibration. This stopped at 11:11pm
  3. The next day at 10:49am, I felt and saw bands holding me in place across many planes and dimensions. These bands were all released and the bindings to time and space were released. These releases allow for an increase in power and freedom from restraint of purpose. A body of light was revealed. At 11:11 the session ended.
  4. At 10:49 pm the diamond above the head became the diamond in the third eye. The theme of the 4th initiation is new beginnings. The initiation ended at 11:11pm.

Amidst these initiations was life. I had children to get to school and sports, laundry to do, and meals to cook. A normal mum’s life.

I have found the important part of the ascension journey is to pay your karma, forgive all, let go, and give devotion to your Higher Self.

I snapped a photo of my bedside table for this week’s blog picture, just to give you a snapshot into some of the Ascended Master’s products I’m using at the moment. My ever close astral body clearing crystal and emotional body clearing crystal are permanently by my bed. Violet flame cream is there for the aches, headaches, and pain that arise as part of the never-ending clearing process. I also have St. John the Baptist oil for meditation and balance. And in my bed my healing shawl. I sleep with it every night.

As I write this I look around my desk and see the Violet Flame spray; I collect energy from some of the emails I receive and these get transmuted from my energy field by the Violet Flame spray. I also have my personalized oilhere at my desk. 


 3rd November 2016

Jesus, St. Germain and Paul the Venetian greeted Waireti when she stepped into the portal for this week's free Ascension healing. She said Paul the Venetian wrapped his energy around her and she felt incredibly safe. She said it was a beautiful feeling. Paul the Venetian has been working with us a lot in recent months.

As part of our work with the Masters here on this website, we try to keep it real. We share with you in truth. When the Masters first came to me to paint their portal paintings oh so long ago, Paul the Venetian stepped forward and I ignored him. In the end, Waireti had to intercede on his behalf. For some reason, I had negative feelings towards Paul the Venetian, and I had to do huge work with myself to get over this. Now at the 7th, part of my aura has a bronze/pink colour similar to his. So, after all this time, it wasn't Paul the Venetian I was negative towards, but myself and a future path (that is just only now starting to emerge) I was afraid of. So, if you have a negative feeling towards a Master, look not at the Master, but yourself, for they may reflect your future.

Paul the Venetian’s portal painting is this week's graphic. His energy flows through this painting 24/7. You can read more about Paul the Venetian here.

I also want to tell you, if you lose something, call upon Jesus for help. Waireti and I always call on Jesus when we can't find things. Waireti lost the car keys and after searching through the car to no avail, Waireti and I both separately called on Jesus for help. Within seconds, the keys had manifested on the back seat, LOL. He has a serious talent!

Now to the mundane. As of December, the 5th, we will be accepting Union Pay International as payment in the store.

Also, check out our Facebook Page, see if you "Like" us there too  - The Ascended Masters


9th November 2016

The goddess Sitatapatra (a first ray goddess) and Serapis Bey (Cohan of the 4th ray) were the Ascended Masters who stepped forward for this week’s free healing sessions. I was shown the mental turmoil that exists within many. This week they were working as a team to bring harmony to the mind’s turmoil. This is not an easy task.

Waireti wants me to tell you all how beautiful the singing has been in the portal. All of the Ascended Masters have been singing like they’re in a choir this week. They tell me they have been harmonizing their energies into a single unit of love and that love is being sent around the entire world. They haven't chosen one place or one group to receive it, rather the energy is settling around the planet like a healing shawl.

We have new crystal portals available: two of Dom Ignacio (these can be worn), two of Jesus (one is in this week’s photo) and one of St. Germain. If you’re interested, email me. I will be putting them online in a week or so if they haven't gone by then.

My Facebook page is back. I had a break over the winter and have activated it again. Here is the link if you want to ‘Like’ us. Here you will find things that don't make it to the diary, like changes and photos of the paintings, etc.

I've updated our Ascension counter here on the website for those passing the various initiations with us. As of this moment, here is the running total of those passing initiations with us using the Ascended Master’s healings and products:

93 have passed the 4th initiation

41 have passed the 5th initiation

32 have passed the 6th initiation

4 have passed the 7th initiation

We will soon have 100 people passing the 4th initiation with us. When we first started to work with the Masters, they showed us the image of a couple of raindrops and then more and more. What they showed us is coming to pass. What a joy it is to help so many leave the cycle of rebirth. If you are wondering how you can be part of this, we first suggest an ascension reading. This will tell you exactly where you are in your Ascension process and give you a baseline to monitor change. 

Remember, Ascension happens within your life, not outside of it. Don't feel you have to go into a cave for several years. All of these people have ascended while working, studying, being mums and dads, caring for elderly parents, having fun, and just being the beings of light, they are within their normal life. You can too.


17th November 2016

These are difficult times in New Zealand and around the world. We look to our own countries and then to others and I find myself disturbed. I feel there are human forces at play that care nothing for our Mother Earth or humanity, nor do they understand the universal laws of karma or love. This week’s free ascension healings were given by Kuan Yin and Lady Nada. Waireti calls them the soft Masters. They may have soft energy, but I consider Kuan Yin a warrior Master. She may be on the ray of love and compassion, but she also has great inner strength that ensures she stands by those who need to allow their own personal power to emerge. Lady Nada may have soft energy too, but don’t mistake this for an inability to stand in her own power. Those who are ascending into the light might manifest from a place of love, but this does not make them weak.

Political bullies are emerging in these times across the world. I try not to get involved in politics on this page, but I can see a battle of light and dark emerging. I am concerned when I see people of light supporting those who manifest from darkness. I can see the divisions forming. Those in humanity who tend to the darkness are far greater in numbers than those who tend to the light. Make sure that if you are of the light, you support the light. Many are following false truths in these times.

The Ascended Masters stand by every single person on this planet, regardless of their percentages of light and dark. Their soul purpose is ascension and the movement of every soul home to their own inner Light. The Masters have no political agenda. Humanity will have to stand in their own power and light to bring peace to these times. 


24th November 2016

This week's free ascension healing was glorious! Ganesh, El Morya, and Sanat Kumara stepped forward. I have worked closely with all of these Masters, so it was rather nice to be in their united energy field. Sanat Kumara has this most beautiful aura; his energy field is crystal clear with rainbows moving through it and everything sparkles. El Morya is my old Ascension ray Master, as well as my old life and emotional body ray Master, so we know each other well as he has been my teacher all my life. Awhile back, Ganesh gifted me a crystal portal that he materialized for me. I definitely had need of him over the last year and now we are working together with the personalized crystals. Sanat Kumara has also been my Higher teacher for a long time, so it was a very familiar healing session this week.

This week's session for those on the free healing list was about focusing on healing the inner self to create change, for they have higher work to do. A few of those who have passed the higher initiations are getting a move along, like they need to be at a certain level energetically by a certain time. This was what this healing was about for those just starting their journey with us - come on people, we’ve got work to do, let's get moving. 

There is work to be done, and while many of you feel you can just step forward, the best work is done when your vibration is clearest. And that means clearing - clearing your chakras, your karma and your bodies. This will raise your vibration and raise your consciousness - aka Ascension. Have a look at our healings with the Masters and their oils. The Masters are here to help you to ascend more quickly. Consider it deep preparation. As I type, my body is vibrating as the Masters are gathered around me in huge numbers. Feel their personal messages coming to each of you.

The Masters are here to support us as well.

I went to Australia for a quick trip last week. I forgot my healing shawl which is imprinted with healing by St. Germain, Mother Mary, and Dom Ignacio. I realized I didn't have it as soon as I was on the plane. Groan. Taking my healing shawl with me when I travel is a must. On a basic level, it keeps me warm on the plane (I use the wool shawls just because I like the comfort component of wool), but more importantly, the shawl helps me to not feel all of the energies of the people on the plane. So, without my healing shawl, I got an intimate experience of the energy field of the man sitting next to me, as well as the man behind me and in front of me. Let's just say, they had issues. (Thank you Masters for my protection grid). By the time I arrived, I was exhausted. The shawl helps in hotel rooms as well and Violet Flame spray helps to clear old energies from the room. My healing shawl is my energetic support. It is tangible. I did remember my astral body and emotional body clearing crystals, so I didn't arrive home needing too much help, but I was exhausted, and it took a few days to recover. Note to self, always remember my healing shawl when traveling.

Thank you Masters for all the ways you help us. I am so in the groove of working with the Master's tools, I only realize how much they help when one of them isn't there. Sad, but true. We are truly blessed to have them so close.


30th November 2016

We continue to be blessed by the Ascended and Cosmic Masters who step forward each week to give healing to all of those on the free ascension healing list. We had a beautiful pink portal this week. The Masters who stepped forward were Mother Mary, Dom Ignacio and Amora (Elohim of the 3rd ray). Amora is very tall; she is three or four times taller than Mother Mary and Dom Ignacio, an indication of what a vast being she is. Her aura is bronze in colour. We are seeing bronze appear as a colour of the 3rd ray. This week’s free ascension healing was on the lotus within the heart and the awakening of the deeper aspects of the heart chakra, the sacred heart. The Masters show me a lotus flower, filled with light, opening in the darkness.

The Sacred Heart can be found just above the heart chakra.  When you sit in meditation, take your awareness to this place. For some it is a room, others a temple or some other construct. Sit in meditation in your sacred heart, for it will eventually bring forth your personal soul crystal that resides within you. This personal crystal is part of your Ascension process in the higher initiations.

I remember looking at my heart crystal for many years when I meditated in the Sacred Heart. I never seemed to get very far with it, but then it wasn't ever about me as the lower self (the ego wants to make it so). The crystal was there for the Higher Self. Call the crystal the place-saver for the Higher Self. When this crystal leaves the sacred heart and falls into the celestial star (old Earth Star) and they both ascend to above the 12th chakra at the 6th initiation, then the Higher Self can descend into the Holy Heart. The heart crystal then allows the Higher self to stay in the Holy Heart, again working as a space-saver for the Higher Self. Balance occurs in all things.

The Earth Star resides below your feet in the Mother Earth. Here is a link to an article to understand more. At the 5th initiation, the Earthstar becomes the celestial star because the initiate is no longer bound to the Mother Earth. At the 6th initiation, the celestial star leaves the body of the Mother Earth completely and travels to above the 12th chakra.

The Masters continue to clear and bless the land of our beloved Mother Earth, country by country.

They have just completed North Korea and the American states of New York, Delaware, District of Columbia, and Maryland.

They have started the process of clearing the entities from the land of Syria, Iraq, Romania and the entire Caribbean. You can see what countries have already been cleared here. 

The ascension numbers continue to rise for those ascending with the Ascended Masters. For those using the Ascended Master’s healings and products, the Ascension tally is:

99 have passed the 4th initiation, 47 have passed the 5th initiation, 43 have passed the 6th initiation, and four have passed the 7th initiation. It is so wonderful to see this focus on Ascension.


7th December 2016

The Ascended Master’s portal is coloured silver blue today, as Vishnu steps forward to give this week's free Ascension healing. This week's healing is about stepping forward into your power - your personal power, the power in which you make decisions for yourself without outside influence. We can be dependent on what others think or want and friends and families can be insistent that we follow the course they want us to. It takes courage and focus to ignore all of what happens around us and stop and ask ourselves, what do we want? And when we know what we want, it takes courage and focus to proceed. Personal power is part of the ascension process.

The number of those passing high initiations with us here at the Ascended Master’s portal is increasing. As of now, 99 have passed the 4th initiation, 47 have passed the 5th initiation, 43 have passed the 6th initiation and 4 have passed the 7th initiation. We offer the tools, but the path is all yours.

On behalf of a friend in need, I’m helping sell her portal painting of the Deva of healing. This is an amazing painting to have in a healing room or healing premises. She will be able to do great work. She has been in a retirement hospital and I know she did good work there. I have it here in the office and it is a delight to sit in her energy. Just gorgeous. The Deva of Healing created this portal through me (Verna Maruata) about five years ago. It is like having an old friend come to visit, very comfortable. Her energy surrounds me. 


15th December 2016

The end of the year is drawing to a close and this is my last diary entry for the year. The first entry in the new year will be after January 11th, 2017. Let’s call it a semi break. The free ascension healings will still occur, we just won't report on them. Orders will still be filled, and emails will be responded to. 

For this week's free ascension healing, Jesus and Dom Ignacio stepped forward for Waireti to present those on the healing list. Waireti calls them her two favourite Masters, though St. Germain is in the mix for her too. She loves these two Masters because they sing. This week's healing was a sound sensation. They show me now the energies of those on the healing list getting shaken up and I see little cracks coming in their facade. Time to break out of the old molds and embrace the new. 

Change is a funny thing. These are the times of Ascension. Humanity is ascending, our Mother Earth (Papatuanuku) is ascending and energies are speeding up. These changes are being realized in the new technologies and advancements that seem to occur every day. Everything seems to be getting upgraded, improved and changed. With all this energetic and technological change, humanity is going either two ways - they are either embracing the change and stepping out of their frozen mold, or, they are turning their back and pretending change isn't happening. Many are holding onto the old way and rejecting change. This happened in New Zealand where the majority voted to keep the old flag and it happened in the United Kingdom with Brexit. There might be an argument to say it is happening in the U.S. Change is happening regardless of what we want; Mother Earth is ascending and so is humanity. This applies to you. Are you going to embrace your personal Ascension, or are you going to turn your back and pretend it isn't happening? Those who flow with the river have an easier path than those who fight against the natural flow. This is a freewill planet. You have the freewill to flow with personal change or fight against it. The choice and the consequences are yours.

Returning to the topic of personal power from last week, Archangel Michael reminded me of his oil is for personal power. He calls it ‘Warrior’, though the person we are fighting is often ourselves. He will help you find your own personal power, so you become your greatest supporter. Click here for his personal power oil.

Blessings to you all over this holiday season.


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